World's strongest umbrellas

Bambrella takes great pride in the fact that their outdoor center pole and offset umbrellas are the strongest on the market today. It's a testament to the company's focus and unyielding scrutiny of the details, without forgetting their ecological responsibilities to the planet.

Premium materials

Quality begins with the raw materials that you put into your products. To create patio umbrellas that stand out from the competition, Bambrella uses only the finest grade woods, metals and plastics.

Moso bamboo

This type of bamboo was specially selected for its tightly condensed fiber strands, which closely resemble the structure of fine-grained hardwoods like teak and give it its strength and durability. The bamboo is carefully dried in strips and then laminated, using a process that minimizes the chance of cracking, splitting or warping.

Anodized aluminum

This metal is lightweight and durable, making it a perfect choice for patio umbrellas. The electrochemical anodizing process converts the surface of the aluminum to one that is corrosion-resistant and creates an appealing decorative appearance.

Marine grade nylon

This polyamide thermoplastic is characterized by its strength, rigidity and resistance to heat and wear. Bambrella uses this highly effective material to form the hubs, ribs, runners and posts of its umbrellas.

Cutting edge design

Bambrella designs patio umbrellas to withstand the harsh elements of a variety of climates around the world. Proprietary laminating techniques, a patented joint system and continual laboratory testing help the company to meet the increasing demands of commercial, contract and residential installations. The Levante Bamboo Cantilever Umbrella is their signature outdoor shade with its gorgeous honey woodgrain canopy assembly, frame and base cover.

Wind tunnel tested

Their bamboo and aluminum market and cantilever umbrellas are challenged to stand up to vigorous wind tunnel testing to ensure that they meet the company's high standards for strength and reliability. If they can weather their extreme conditions, then you can be confident that they'll meet your expectations for your patio or poolside area.

Environmentally responsible

Bambrella is committed to conservation and the sustainability of natural resources. Their bamboo is sourced through FSC® certified forests and all materials used in the production of their umbrellas are 100% recyclable. Additionally, the oils used to finish the wood is low VOC and recycled materials are used for packaging, whenever possible. The company is also a member of:

Frequently Asked Questions - BRAND

Does Bambrella make a wide variety of outdoor shade products?

Bambrella manufactures very durable patio umbrellas that undergo strenuous wind tunnel tests to ensure they stand up to the harshest environmental conditions. Their collection typically consist of a market umbrella and a cantilever umbrella, or what they refer to as a "sidewind" style. The collections range in size from the small Sirocco to the spacious Levante with multiple shapes. Center post version typically have a pulley and pin lift system, while offset styles use a crank to open and close the canopy. They also produce a few versions of the Alize Pavilion, which is actually more of a cabana with side curtains for privacy.

What’s the ETA on Bambrella orders?

Relative to other shade manufacturers, Bambrella has a quick turnaround for processing and shipping orders. Stock items and fabrics typically ship within 1 week, while non-stock fabric take 5-6 weeks. Special order canopy sizes are not replenished until ordered, so they may have a longer lead time of up to 10-12 weeks depending on when the next container is scheduled.

Are Bambrella’s shade made using high-quality materials?

In order to meet their standards for durability, Bambrella has high-performance designs that require sturdy materials. Their market and cantilever umbrella poles and frames are made with either moso bamboo or aluminum. Fittings and components are crafted using stainless steel and high-performance nylon. Canopies are sewn with solution-dyed acrylic fabric from Spuncrylic® or Sunbrella®. Some bases have granite weights to provide stability.

Does Bambrella have recommendations for cleaning and caring for their products?

Bambrella products are designed to stand up to the best that Mother Nature can throw at them. However, taking proper care of canopy fabrics, rib assemblies, frames, winches and other components can extend the useful life of your shade and ensure that it will continue to work and look great. Bambrella provides a number of in-depth documents to help clean and maintain their various collections.

Their care and maintenance webpage also includes instructional YouTube videos on setting up and tending to specific products.

Is the warranty for Bambrella products very long?

Bambrella’s warranties vary by whether the installation is for residential or commercial use. In most instances, it’s 3 years for commercial settings and 5 years for residential spaces.

They don’t recommend using their their umbrellas in winds exceeding 25 mph. Warranty coverage does does not include damage due to wind, fire, theft, vandalism or misuse.

For for specifics and conditions, read Bambrella’s online warranty page.

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