Market Umbrellas

Market Umbrellas

Market patio umbrellas provide UV protection & shelter from rain

Spending hours at the beach, conversing by the pool or enjoying an al fresco meal in the sun can get hot. Even worse, extended time in the sun puts you at risk of sunburn. It's vital that you furnish your outdoor settings with adequate shade so you can kick back in comfort and free from worry.

A high-quality outdoor umbrella is an easy addition to improve your safety and relaxation outdoors. Open yards, patios or any outside living space can be made instantly more relaxing with a touch of shade.

Parasol canopies need to be big enough to block the glare from direct sunlight and reflections. They use heavy-duty fabric that will protect against harmful UV rays when sunglasses and sunscreen aren’t enough.

But market umbrellas are not just for beating the heat. When clear skies turn to storms, weather-resistant canvas canopies can also keep you dry.

Canopy options are almost limitless - they come in a wide array of colors, striped patterns and styles (e.g. valances, scalloped or fringe edges for a casual boho feel). The shade provides much-needed cooling in the heat of the day, while air vents allow ventilation and make it more wind resistant.

Smart Market Umbrella Design for Small Spaces

While extra large cantilever umbrellas work well for spacious seating areas, they can be too big for smaller spaces. Moreover, they often lack portability and assembly can be challenging. Additionally, offset umbrellas and wall mount variations usually cost a lot more. And this is even before you budget for professional installation and maintenance.

Center post outdoor umbrellas for a variety of outdoor spaces

Market umbrellas are what most people picture when thinking about outdoor patio umbrellas. These handy sun umbrellas are identified by a straight support pole that runs through the middle of their canopy.

While typically not considered big umbrellas, they come in many diameter sizes and shapes. These varieties can accommodate an urban backyard or other oddly shaped or constricting outdoor settings.

Patio table umbrellas have slender poles that pass through holes in dining tables to create welcome shade relief when dining outside.

Some varieties have push button or crank tilt mechanisms that enable the canopy to be maneuvered. These tilting patio umbrella models are surprisingly easy to use. Simply pivot the cover as the sun moves for maximum comfort.

If nothing else, a patio table umbrella is all about ensuring consistently shaded comfort. All hours of a hot, sunny day, no matter the placement, should be comfortable for you and your family.

Parasol umbrella bases & mounting options

Most center pole shades are stabilized by the weight of market umbrella stands. Together, the two pieces work in harmony to provide consistent shading. That is why so many manufacturers sell market umbrella with stand combos. One truly does require the other.

Market umbrella bases are generally round or square and made of steel, aluminum or concrete. Less expensive versions may be hollow plastic filled with water or sand. Meanwhile, larger market umbrellas may require stacking stone or granite pavers.

Heavy market umbrella stands often have built-in wheels or locking casters on the sides or bottom. This makes them highly mobile, which is helpful when relocating throughout your lawn, deck or terrace. It also helps when the weather turns cold and you need to store the market umbrella with stand away.

Like offset cantilever patio umbrellas, market umbrellas can also be permanently mounted on a number of surfaces: cement, a wood deck or in the ground surrounded by poured concrete.

Some mounting projects may be as simple as drilling into a surface and screw attachment at the bottom of the pole. Others may be more complicated and involve running bolts between deck slats and fastening stabilizers underneath. A proper installation ensures the shade is properly secured.

Garden umbrella canopies in all diameters & colors

While 9 ft, 10 ft and 11 ft canopies are among the most popular umbrella sizes, center pole patio umbrellas can be much larger. These typically range from 6 to 15 feet (and in some cases even larger). A standalone patio umbrella should be able to completely shade an outdoor table and its seated guests with ease.

More spacious parasols stand taller and may require a lighter weight fabric (e.g. Sunbrella fabric that is furniture-grade instead of canopy-grade).

Darker colored fabrics like navy, forest green, burgundy and chocolate brown block UV light waves extremely well. However, they absorb heat and are susceptible to fading (as are vibrant yellow, orange and red).

Lighter tones such as pink, lilac, sky blue and lime reflect heat but tend to require more frequent cleaning. Beige, light grey and other hues close to white may increase glare depending on the surrounding architecture colors. Nearby water can also potentially heighten glare.

Go anywhere center pole shades - more than just sun protection

Set a garden umbrella next to a wooden bench or chairs along a stone path to create a tranquil getaway. Slide a center pole shade between a couple of sun loungers and you have a great pool umbrella. The possibilities abound.

If your family spends a lot of time at the beach during the summer, there are portable options. Some smaller products have poles with a spear-like design that enables you to secure the shade in the sand. Beach umbrellas provide a much-needed private oasis. Create a shaded paradise for kids to run to after a long swim in the ocean waves under the hot sun.

If you’re on a Caribbean vacation, you might even spot a few tiki-style umbrellas made of thatch. These are timeless means of shade that have inspired modern market umbrellas through and through.

A few modern versions integrate LED lights into their ribs. You can even find lighting or Bluetooth® speaker attachments that snap around the umbrella’s frame. These devices allow you to sit outdoors under the stars in the fresh night air - increasing the fun and value of your investment.

Seller of commercial quality center pole patio shades

Decor Outdoor is a boutique online store that only sells market umbrellas from top-of-the-line manufacturers. Our featured brands produce sun shades for luxury resorts, high-end restaurants and upscale residential locations.

Our premium suppliers utilize strong aluminum, steel and hardwoods for center poles and canopy supports. Their premium construction ensures the standalone patio umbrellas can stand up to the elements.

Some have fiberglass ribs to improve performance in high winds. Most are Sunbrella umbrellas - the gold standard in high-performance outdoor textiles.

Other brands of fabrics such as Outdura® and Spuncrylic® are also durable. However, they may have a shorter warranty against fading and ordinary use damage. These solution-dyed acrylic, polyester or olefin canopies are colorfast, repel water and are UV and tear-resistant. This durability is critical to ensure that market-style outdoor umbrellas function and look great for many seasons.

Marine-grade fabrics and finishes are suggested for yachts, beachfront property or homes where there is salt air. Our curated selection of premium brands and timeless collections allows interior designers, architects, commercial buyers and discriminating residential customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Shop for luxury outdoor home decor items that bring the elegance of indoor living outside. Shop for our premium market umbrellas above and enrich your outdoor living.

Key features to compare - Market patio umbrellas

  • Lift Mechanism - Center pole umbrella canopies may raised and lowered by manually lifting the lower hub, using a crank, pulley and pin, etc.
  • Tilt Mechanism - Some market outdoor umbrellas can be tilted by clicking a push-button, turning a crank or twisting a collar
  • Wind Resistance - Check the Beaufort rating to determine how much wind an umbrella can handle safely
  • Pole Type - Most poles are a single piece, but others come in two pieces and screw together and some telescope
  • Pole Width - The wider an umbrella’s pole, the sturdier the shade but some may not fit through an umbrella table hole

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Frequently Asked Questions – Market patio umbrellas

Get answers to the questions our customers commonly ask about our market umbrellas and market umbrella base options.

How heavy should a market umbrella base be?

Market umbrella bases should be 10 pounds for every canopy foot if the shade is free-standing. For table-mounted market umbrellas, the base should be 5 pounds per foot. So, to do some math:

  • A 10 foot standalone centerpost umbrella should ideally have a 100 pound base.
  • That same umbrella only needs a 50 pound market umbrella base if it's through a table.

Just remember: heavier is better. Without a proper weight for your market umbrella stand, your parasol risks blowing over.

Are market umbrellas really round?

While many market umbrella canopies are advertised as "round," most are actually octagonal or even hexagonal. However, there are some outdoor center pole umbrellas that are essentially round but they tend to be smaller. Square, rectangular patio umbrellas and even half canopies are also available.

No matter the shape, size, or flow of your space, there is a market patio umbrella to suit it.

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