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Policy Overview


Decor Outdoorworks with established global manufacturers who employ renowned designers of luxury furniture and lighting products. They use the finest production processes, materials and finishes to create their unique collections. However, we understand that sometimes even the finest products have problems or fall short of expectations. Our comprehensive return policy provides guidelines for eligibility, timing, financial considerations and steps to take to resolve any issue you may have upon receiving your order.

Types of Actions

You have a number of options if an order doesn't measure up, based on the products, circumstances and timeframe. There are three primary categories of actions. Eligibility and timing may have financial implications for each one.


Items are returned for exact replacements or entirely different products.


Items are returned for a full or partial credit card refund, or store credit.


Orders are voided prior to shipment of the item(s).


Eligible Items

Decor Outdoor will accept exchanges and returns for many types of products, but we are constrained by the policies of our manufacturers and their inventory levels.

  • Damaged Items - Any item that is damaged as a result of improper handling or is defective can be exchanged or returned
  • Regular Priced Items - Most items sold at retail prices (or negotiated offline prices) are eligible
  • Standard Items - Most items that do not require customized production options, such as upholstery fabric or powder-coating color, are eligible


Most items ordered on Decor Outdoor can be exchanged, returned or cancelled, but there are a few types that cannot.

  • Sale Items - All sales of products sold at an advertised discount price are final, unless the items are defective or damaged in transit
  • Customized/Special Order Products - All sales of products that require custom finishing, upholstering or specialization are final, unless there is damage or defects
  • Manufacturer Restricted Products - Some manufacturers will not accept certain types of exchanges or returns, so it's important to check before ordering

Types of Issues

Objective Issues

On rare occasions, there may be something materially incorrect, flawed or broken with the items in your order. Manufacturers generally resolve all requests for orders with objective issues, providing communication and required actions are conducted within 24-72 hours of receipt.

Order Error

We do everything we can to ensure that your order is correctly submitted and processed. Every so often, however, manufacturers make mistakes in their warehouses and there are errors with your order. Some examples include:

  • Incorrect product
  • Incorrect product option (e.g. finish or fabric)
  • Incorrect product quantity
  • Incomplete product (e.g. missing lamp shade)

Shipping Damages

Most packaging is constructed to withstand normal handling during shipping, whether by standard ground or freight truck service. Occasionally, shippers mishandle boxes and the package, product or both are damaged. It's important to note this damage with the shipper at the time your order is delivered, regardless of whether you accept or reject the delivery.

Sometimes, the external packaging is intact, but the item inside is broken. Fragile items (e.g. mirrors, glass or ceramic lamps, etc.) may shatter when boxes are dropped. Contact Decor Outdoorimmediately to alert us if shipping damages occur.

Defective Items

Our manufacturers are selected for their high quality collections and unique styles. However, even the finest products are occasionally flawed in the manufacturing process or handling prior to shipping. Some examples of product defects include:

  • Cracked wood or plastic
  • Dented or bent metal
  • Scratched or chipped glass
  • Poor assembly or misalignment
  • Stripped screw attachments


Decor Outdoor's product lines are chosen for their durability, as well as their aesthetics. While some items may be more fragile than others, every piece of furniture or lighting should last for years under normal usage. If an item experiences a noticeable degradation in appearance, stability or function after a relatively short period of time, you should contact us right away. It may still be under the manufacturer's warranty and qualify for partial or full replacement.

Subjective Issues

There may be instances, when you receive your order and an item is not quite what you expected. Many manufacturers do not accept exchanges or returns for subjective issues, while others do, but at a cost. Be sure to inquire about a manufacturer's policy before ordering, if you have precise visual or spacial requirements.

Color & Finishing

Furniture and lighting items sold on Decor Outdoor come in a variety of colors and finishes. Colors viewed on a screen, whether it's a computer, tablet or smartphone, can look very different than when you see them on the item in person. Digital screens backlight images, making most colors look lighter and more vivid. Similarly, many finishes are hand-applied and may appear different than in product photography used on our website. Part of the appeal of rustic weatherworn finishes is their one-of-a-kind look.


We try to provide you with all dimensional information about a product. It's important to know, so you can make an informed buying decision. Additionally, we make the effort to display all available manufacturer images in order to give you an idea of an item's relative size. But sometimes, knowing the length, width, height or diameter still doesn't give you an idea of how the item will look in your space. Eyeballing an area, without actually measuring it can cause problems if you're not careful or have an experienced eye.

Financial Implications


Decor Outdoor will issue refunds for timely return claims that adhere to manufacturers' requirements. The refund may be partial or full (less credit card & processing fees), based on the individual manufacturer's policy for objective or subjective issues. Adjustments to credit card payments will be made, once Decor Outdoor has received confirmation from the manufacturer that all customer requirements have been met and that the claim is approved.

Store Credit

Decor Outdoor offers all customers the option to accept store credit in lieu of a refund. The amount, which is dependent upon the manufacturer's policy, can then be applied toward the purchase of a different item. Customers can use the store credit right away, or wait for a time in the future.

Shipping Charges

Furniture and lighting manufacturers, who accept subjective returns, require customers to pay for shipping. Sending items across the country is expensive, especially large items that ship via freight. Decor Outdoor offers "free shipping" on all orders, but we have to recoup our expenses if you decide to return or exchange your items for subjective reasons. Consequently, you will be charged for our initial shipping expenses. You will also be financially responsible for shipping the items back to the manufacturer.

Restocking Fees

In addition to shipping fees, manufacturers typically charge customers a restocking fee for subjective returns. Items need to be examined and repackaged, before being returned to warehouse shelves. The charge can vary greatly by manufacturer, but it is typically 20-25% of the product's price.

Important Steps to Follow

Check for Damage and Defects Immediately

It is critical that you review the package(s), while the carrier is there and before you sign the receipt to accept the delivery. Ideally, you should examine the contents too, but it is understandable that sometimes it is not possible. The quicker you are able to identify issues and establish a paper trail the better, since manufacturers have short timeframes for submitting claims (usually 24-72 hours after delivery).

  • Look at Packaging - Inspect all sides of the box or crate for dents, tears or other marring and listen for the sound of broken glass or ceramic (if relevant)
  • Count Items - Make sure that the number of packages and/or items matches what you ordered and tracked
  • Inspect Items - Carefully look at each item to ensure that there is no visual, structural or functional damage or defect

Document Issues

In order for us to properly submit damage or defect claims with manufacturers, it's imperative that you thoroughly document any issue you identify both verbally and visually. Complete documentation makes processing the claim easier and quicker.

  • Note in Writing - Identify any problems on the carrier's delivery receipt and include a full description of the issue(s) in email communication with Decor Outdoor or the manufacturer
  • Take Digital Photographs - Use your smartphone or digital camera to take multiple pictures of the damaged package and/or items

Alert Decor Outdoor

Call Decor Outdoor at 888.784.4644 to alert us of any issue with your order. We'll give the manufacturer a heads up that there was a problem. This way, we can make sure that your claim is initiated within the manufacturer's timeframe, while you document the claim in writing and photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have an issue with an order?

Call Decor Outdoor at 888.784.4644 or email us at [email protected] and explain your issue. We'll help you understand your options and guide you through any steps required to submit your claim or resolve your problem.

What types of products can I return or exchange?

Customers can return or exchange any product that is damaged or defective. Other exchanges are only allowed for regularly priced products that are not customized or restricted by manufacturers' policies.

Can I return or exchange a product for any reason?

Customers can always return or exchange products that have shipping damage or production defects. Subjective reasons, such as color or finish variations, size misperceptions or a change of heart are restricted by manufacturers' policies and may have additional fees.

Is there a deadline for submitting a return or exchange?

Damage claims or exchange requests should be submitted immediately. Most manufacturers require claims within 72 hours after an order has been delivered.

Will I get a full refund for my return?

Damaged or defective items are eligible for a full refund. For subjective returns, customers are responsible for credit card fees, shipping expenses (both ways) plus any repackaging and restocking fees.

What do I do, if I have an issue with a product that I bought a long time ago?

Contact Decor Outdoor at 888.784.4644 to explain your issue. Be sure to have your order and model number handy, so we can contact the manufacturer and inquire about the product's warranty. We'll follow up with any information or instructions.

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