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Innovative & Advanced Heat Technology

Heatscope® is a pioneer in state-of-the-art radiant heating technologies. Their high performance patio heaters use innovative carbon technology that are powered by an electric current to generate their ambient orangish glow and pleasant warmth. These chic products produce only 15-20% of the light output of conventional radiant heaters, which allows them to be more discreetly integrated into existing decor and create a relaxing feel. Heatscope radiant heaters are not only IPX4 Certified, they also come with the protection of an industry-leading 2-year limited warranty.


Heatscope® electric outdoor heaters are distinguished by a robust set of characteristics that separate them from the competition.

  • Electric Radiant Heaters - Heatscope® uses electricity to power its range of patio heaters and dual carbon spirals that emit gentle radiant heat and a soft glow
  • Energy-Efficient & Eco-Friendly Patio Heaters - Heatscope® outdoor heaters convert 90-94% of the energy used to ambient heat - much higher radiant efficiency than gas power heaters
  • Infrared Heating Solution - Heatscope® radiant heaters use mid-wave IR range to warm nearby objects rather than the air, so heat is felt under the first layers of skin and not deep into tissue
  • Natural Warmth - Infrared heating, unlike systems that circulate heated air via a fan or produce an uncomfortably hot temperature, results in a pleasant sun-like warmth while the air remains cool
  • Soft Ambient Glow - Traditional or gas-powered infrared patio heaters often generate an overwhelming red glow, while Heatscope® electric heaters emit a subtle orange glow that doesn’t disrupt the ambience of your space
  • Super Fast Heat - Their glass front fascias and carbon spirals allow each Heatscope® ambient heater to rapidly heat in 15-30 seconds depending on the model
  • Full Control System - Each Heatscope heater can be adjusted between 50% and 100% maximum heat output level via a remote control or wall-mount switch

Modern Outdoor Heater Design

Heatscope heaters have sleek elegant designs with black or white finishes that don’t look like radiant heaters at first glance. The Pure collection of patio heaters, designed by Bjorn Blisse was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2018. This refined style enables their collections to be used where more industrial versions would disrupt the upscale atmosphere.

Versatile Heating Applications

Heatscope’s contemporary designs blend seamlessly into any decor and the efficient mounted or recessed heaters can be used to warm plenty of indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Sunrooms - Temporary spaces outside your house that are not often used can be heated quickly by turning on a heating product shortly before entering the room
  • Wind Protected Patios - Infrared heaters warm up outdoor spaces during the cold Winter or a mildly cool Summer evening so you can enjoy your patio longer
  • Semi-Open Patios - Areas with retractable awnings or balconies benefit from the comfortable heat of radiant heaters
  • Open Patios - Infrared heaters are effective for areas exposed to wind, since objects and not the air are warmed, resulting in minimal heat loss
  • Hotels & Restaurants - Creating a cozy environment for al fresco dining gives businesses a way optimize use of their outdoor space year-round without monopolizing valuable floor space used by portable heaters
  • Bathrooms & Spas - Clean lines, subtle light emissions and gentle warmth allow Heatscope® heaters to help create a relaxed and inviting environment and soothing experience

Simplified Installation

Electric patio heaters from Heatscope® require no gas connection, so they’re easy to install. They can be recessed flush into the ceiling or wall-mounted with brackets and connected by a cable to the existing electrical system (voltage 220-240 v).

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