Shademaker - Architectural grade outdoor umbrellas

These high-quality shades incorporate anodized metal frames and designer performance textile canopies. These premium materials provide strength and durability to each unified design and ensure that the outdoor umbrellas function perfectly in commercial and residential settings alike.

Innovative patio umbrellas with a contemporary look

Each nautically-influenced design is developed by artisans who pay exacting attention to detail. Shademaker umbrellas are recognized for their clean lines, modern silhouettes and state-of-the-art functionality. The streamlined designs feature simple yet elegant lift mechanisms and many offer tilt and rotation capabilities.

Multiple freestanding base and permanent mounting options

Each outdoor shade can be stabilized with a portable base or more permanent surface or in-ground mount. Shademaker offers a variety of shapes, styles, finishes and weights to accommodate its wide range of umbrellas. Check out their base weight matrix for detailed information.

Variety of shade umbrellas with Sunbrella awning-grade canopies

Shademaker manufactures a variety of market umbrellas and offset cantilever umbrellas with premium quality canopy fabrics. The textiles from Sunbrella are long-lasting and solution-dyed to retain their color for many years under harsh conditions. The durability of the frames, bases and canopies minimizes the frequent need for umbrella replacement parts.

Shademaker Umbrella Features

  • Long-lasting high performance hub & fittings
  • Simple to operate manual & crank lift systems
  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized internal mast stem
  • Multiple portable & fixed mount options
  • Protective cover included

Frequently Asked Questions - Shademaker Structural Shades

What types of outdoor umbrellas does Shademaker produce?

Shademaker manufactures hospitality-grade centerpost and sidepost umbrellas, freestanding bases and permanent mounts. Most of their outdoor shades utilize crank lift systems and cantilever models rotate 360° with varying tilting features.

How quickly does Shademaker ship orders?

Shademaker has a U.S. distribution center in Baldwin Park (Southern California). Umbrellas with in-stock canopy colors typically ship in 5-7 weeks and non-stock require 6-8 weeks. Each Shademaker canopy is custom made upon receipt of an order, which is what makes even in-stock orders take a bit longer.

What materials are Shademaker umbrella frames, bases and canopies made from?

Shademaker umbrellas have powder-coated aluminum mast stem covers and most models have a galvanized steel internal stem. Hubs and hardware are made from die-cast aluminum with stainless steel cables. Bases come in steel, galvanized steel and cast aluminum versions and mounts are made of steel. Sunbrella® Awning-Grade fabric is shown on the Decor Outdoor website, although O’Bravia® Awning-Grade and both Sunbrella® and Outdura® Furniture-Grade material is available. These solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are water and tear-resistant as well as colorfast.

How easy is it to keep Shademaker parasols clean and working properly?

Shademaker patio umbrellas are relatively easy to care for if you maintain them on a regular basis.

Frames & Fittings

  • Periodically hose down the umbrella’s mast and frame with water. Increase the frequency if the installation is in a salt air or commercial environment.
  • On a regular basis, inspect the shade’s mount bolts, fitting, rib spacers, etc. and tighten when/if necessary.

Canopy Fabrics

  • Immediately clean up stains and spills. The latter can be addressed with a clean absorbent cloth.
  • For basic maintenance, use a soft brush to remove dry soil and dust. Periodically wash the area down with clean, warm water to prevent dirt from becoming ingrained. Let the fabric air dry for a while before closing the canopy.
  • If a more thorough cleaning is required, use a sponge soaked in a mild soap solution over the area (roughly 2% solution). Thoroughly rinse with clean water to remove all residual soap suds.
  • DO NOT use cleaning fluids, detergents or harsh solvents. Turpentine may be used with an absorbent cloth to remove oil and grease stains.
  • Refer to each textile manufacturer's website for detailed care instructions: Sunbrella®, O’Bravia® and Outdura®.
  • When the umbrella is not in use or in storage, cover the canopy with a protective cover.

How long is Shademaker’s warranty?

Shademaker’s limited warranties range from 1-10 years in length and do not cover damage due to wind, corrosion or neglect. Read the comprehensive coverage on their website warranty page.

Umbrellas (Libra, Astral, Astral, Solaris, Polaris & Orion)

  • Frame & Hardware - 10 years - Including mast, boom, head fitting, elbow, post, arms, ribs, hubs and stainless steel hardware
  • Lift System Components - 5 years - Including crank mechanism
  • Finish - 5 years - Including powder-coating

Large Steel Frame Bases (Titan, Infinity & Geomet)

  • Galvanized Steel Frame & Plates - 10 years
  • Lid - 5 years - Including aluminum base cover
  • Finish - 5 years - Including powder-coating

Cast Aluminum Bases (Athens & Aurora)

  • Cast Aluminum Base - 2 years
  • Accessories - 1 year - Including wheels & stem
  • Finish - 1 year - Including powder-coating

Additional Bases (Steel, Monaco & Commercial), Weights, Mounts & Covers

  • Metal Components - 1 year - Including stem, adapter plate & in-ground fitting
  • Accessories - 1 year - Including wheels & stem
  • Wheels & Finish - 1 year - Including powder-coating

Canopy Fabrics

  • Sunbrella® Awning & Marine-Grade - 10 years
  • Sunbrella® & Outdura® Furniture-Grade & O’Bravia® Awning Grade - 5 years

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