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Save 20% off all products from EcoSmart Fire and Heatscope May 13-27 (excludes e-NRG bio-ethanol). Summer may be approaching but modern fire elements and electric patio heaters allow you to enjoy cool nights on your deck or patio year-round.

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Modern Indoor & Outdoor Fire Pit Tables & Fireplaces

Contemporary home design seamlessly transitions from interior to exterior living areas, to accommodate the growing movement toward in-outdoor lifestyles. EcoSmart Fire offers a range of versatile fireplace collections to give you the functional benefits of a warm fire wherever you need it, without sacrificing aesthetics. Whether you’re integrating a fireplace into your existing architecture, retrofitting bespoke settings or outfitting your deck, EcoSmart Fire has a stylish option. The company is part of the MAD Design Group, which includes Heatscope Heaters and Blinde Design and e-NRG Bioethanol. Their products are known for their high-end design, durability and sustainability.

They’ve taken the concept of the traditional wood-burning fireplace and made it easier, cleaner and safer to enjoy an open fire. Their commercial-grade indoor and outdoor bioethanol fireplaces and fire pit tables are chic, eco-friendly and built to last. Thousands of EcoSmart Fires can be found around the world in the most elegant restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts, as well luxury residential environments.

Burners, Grates & Kits for Custom Fire Features

Create a customized fire for your indoor or outdoor setting with one of EcoSmart Fire’s high-performance components. Their selection of products are easy to integrate with new or existing architecture and allow you to express your personality though fire design.

Eco-Friendly Ethanol Burners

At the core EcoSmart’s designs are their UL-listed Bio-Ethanol Burners. These streamlined 304-grade stainless steel burners come in a variety of shapes (round, square and linear) and sizes to integrate with the company’s free standing and built-in fire features, or customized designs of architects and DIY enthusiasts. Because they don’t need cumbersome connections or ventilation, EcoSmart Fire’s clean-burning bioethanol burners can be installed virtually anywhere. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to light your indoor and outdoor spaces in ways limited only by your imagination.

Grates Reignite Old Fireplaces

If you simply want to utilize an existing fireplace to burn smokeless biofuel instead of wood, then EcoSmart Fire’s Fireplace Grates are the perfect solution. Available in three convenient sizes, these self-contained grates enable you to convert your wood-burning fireplace in minutes without connections or the need for a working chimney or flue. Each durable Fluid ™ Concrete fireplace grate houses a bioethanol burner that is easy to fill and produces no embers, soot or smoke - making them safer than traditional wood fireplaces with easier maintenance and cleaning.

DIY Fire Pit Kits

For those looking to put their own individual stamp on a space, EcoSmart Fire’s Fire Pit Kits provide design flexibility and installation simplicity. These inserts make it easy for you to create a custom fire design that elevates the look and feel of your home and reinforces your personal style. The kits are available in six models and three fuel options to accommodate fire features in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, indoors and outdoors. Each stainless steel ethanol fire pit insert is comprised of a black metal body that houses one or more ethanol burners with decorative black glass charcoal and a tempered glass fire screen. The outdoor-only natural gas and liquid propane versions must be connected to plumbed lines and tanks accordingly. This type of kit makes a do-it-yourself project easier and quicker, so you have more time to pay attention to everything else in your environment update.

Adaptable Triple Fuel Fire Tables

EcoSmart Fire extends fuel flexibility to their growing collection of Fire Pit Tables. These versatile pieces of fire furniture bring elegance and warmth to any setting and create a distinct focal point. Each adjustable fire table integrates an award-winning gas or ethanol burner with generous tabletop space in a sleek contemporary design. Set glasses, bottles and plates on the surface as a mesmerizing flame casts a welcoming glow on the faces of friends and family gathered around the table for fireside chat. Firepit tables are made with Fluid ™ Concrete in Bone, Graphite or Natural colors, or stylish unfinished Teak slats in a number of sizes, shapes and configurations. Natural gas and propane versions have easy ignition, generate more heat, but require connections and must be ventilated outdoors. Self-contained ethanol fire tables can be installed anywhere and are essentially odorless - making them an ideal choice if you want the option of utilizing them in different indoor and outdoor spaces.

Portable Designer Fireplaces for Any Space

EcoSmart Fire’s product line of Freestanding Fireplaces and Fire Pits enables you to add warmth, ambiance and style to any living or entertaining space. They’re light enough to move from place to place and their chic designs complement both outdoor and indoor decor. Since they burn eco-friendly bioethanol, you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing smoke in your eyes or strong odors disrupting a pleasant gathering inside. This blend of form and function gives you the freedom and flexibility to move an open fire like never before. Most of EcoSmart’s modern standalone fireplaces are constructed using stainless steel and tempered glass in a number of eye-catching styles.

Variety of Easy-to-Install Fireplace Inserts

Interior designers, architects, builders, landscapers and homeowners will love EcoSmart Fire’s line of Built-In Fireplace Inserts. They can easily be installed in any residential or commercial setting and blend seamlessly with existing cabinetry, architecture or fireplace setting. Constructed to hospitality-grade standards, these ethanol fireplaces

Benefits of EcoSmart Fire Bio Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

Installing an EcoSmart Fire built-in fireplace has many advantages over traditional wood-burning or gas fueled alternatives.

  • No vent or chimney is required
  • No gas line
  • Easy installation without the need for multiple contractors
  • Can be installed in any residence
  • Many sizes & configurations
  • Commercial grade quality
  • Durable steel structure will last a lifetime

Customize with Flex Fireplace Inserts

EcoSmart Fire’s contemporary Flex Fireplace series of bio-ethanol fireplace inserts provides the benefits of a custom-built fire feature at up to 50% lower costs. It comes in a wide variety of variations that enable you to choose the size of the viewing area of the firebox, configure the number and position of decorative storage boxes and select the number of closed or open sides. The zinc-sealed steel frames have a black powder-coating for extra protection against corrosion, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Because they utilize bio-ethanol burners and are self-contained with zero clearance construction, Flex fireplace inserts can be installed quickly and easily with no need for connections or ventilation. They can be used right away and come with tempered glass wind screens and black glass charcoal. Stainless steel logs are available to fill the decorative boxes. Install a single sided fireplace on the outer wall of a dining room and peninsula fireplace insert at the end of an interior wall that separates a living room and front entry. The Flex Fireplace collection has so many configuration options that it’s an effective solution to the design challenges faced by builders and architects alike. Building these types of configurable fireplaces into indoor walls or stone surfaces of a patio is smart. It saves you money versus custom projects and in the process increases the property value.

Realistic Indoor Electric Fireplace Inserts

If you’re looking for a safe built-in fire feature that gives you ultimate control, then maybe EcoSmart Fire’s Electric Fireplace range is for you. These digital fireplace inserts use cutting edge technology to produce realistic flames and use a convenient remote control or wall mount LED touch screen to adjust the temperature levels and visual settings. They come in multiple sizes and can be installed in commercial or residential spaces at a fraction of the operating costs versus wood or gas fireplaces. This energy-efficient series consumes the same electricity as a light bulb. The screen is also cool to the touch, whether it’s on or off, so it’s safe for use in all settings - even with children and pets. The advanced functionality of electric fireplaces enables you to enjoy the experience of warming flames without the sparks, smoke, combustion fumes or danger of a roaring fire. They’re perfect solutions when temperatures drop or you just want to enhance the ambiance of your home or commercial setting.

Eco-Friendly Bio-Ethanol Fuel

e-NRG Bio Fuel is eco-friendly and specially formulated to be the cleanest and most efficient liquid ethanol on the market. Its pleasing flames enhance the ambiance of indoor and outdoor properties without the fumes or mess of wood or other fuel sources. Ethanol has a fuel efficiency that is much higher than wood or gas, since none of the heat generated is lost up a chimney. E-NRG has a longer burn time than other premium bioethanol fuel brands.

Benefits of e-NRG Bioethanol

  • Beautiful vibrant orange flame
  • Clean burning green heat without the smoke, soot or ash
  • Low odor fuel that needs no vent or chimney
  • Longest burning time
  • Safe refilling & lighting equipment
  • Order online for delivery right to your door

Fireplace Accents, Accessories & Parts

In addition to fire features and bio fuel, EcoSmart Fire has a number of accents and accessories to give your fireplace a little extra visual appeal or help make it safer and more protected.

Decorative Fire Media for That Final Touch

Your freestanding or built-in ethanol fireplace looks chic on its own but a subtle addition of details can enhance the atmosphere, even if it’s subconsciously. EcoSmart Fire has stainless steel logs with a patinated copper or brass color finish, along with natural-looking black glass charcoal. The small accessory items can be place in storage boxes in the designs, while the briquettes can be scattered in and around the gas or ethanol burners.

Fire Screens for Safety

Many of the pieces of fire furniture come with toughened low iron glass fire screens that shield the flames from wind and, thereby, decrease fuel consumption. They also help keep stray hands and paws from venturing too close to the enticing glow of the flickering flames. These wind guards can also be ordered separately for custom work and coordinate with all of the ethanol burners.

Dual-Purpose Propane Tank Casings

While EcoSmart Fire’s collection of triple fuel fire tables is elegant in its minimalist modern design, nearby propane tanks can be unsightly. Their handy Tank Stool conceals the gas canister and serves as an additional seat or side table. To coordinate with the fire pit tables, this piece is also made from Fluid™ Concrete or unfinished teak.

All-Weather Protection Covers

As durable as EcoSmart Fire products are, they still need to be cleaned and cared for properly. Each fire feature has a coordinating Protective Cover or Winter Storage Bag for when the weather is inclement or the season turns to Winter. These black stain and water-resistant covers will help keep the elements from corroding metal components and damaging other materials - extending the useful life of your investment.

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