EcoSmart Fire

EcoSmart Fire

Modern indoor & outdoor fireplaces

Contemporary home design seamlessly transitions from interior to exterior living areas, to accommodate the growing movement toward in-outdoor lifestyles. EcoSmart Fire offers a range of versatile fireplace solutions to give you the functional benefits of a warm fire wherever you need it, without sacrificing aesthetics. Whether you’re integrating a fireplace into your existing architecture, retrofitting bespoke settings or outfitting your deck, EcoSmart Fire has a stylish option.

Their fireplaces burn for 8-10 hours on a single fill of e-NRG bioethanol and are UL listed for safety. On top of that, 95% of EcoSmart Fire products ship within 5 business days.

Fire pits & fireplace inserts

EcoSmart Fire has taken the concept of the traditional wood-burning fireplace and made it easier, cleaner and safer to enjoy an open fire. Their commercial-grade indoor and outdoor bioethanol fire pits and linear fireplaces are chic, eco-friendly and built to last.

Freestanding portable fireplaces

EcoSmart Fire’s line of portable fire pits enables you to add warmth, ambiance and style to any living or entertaining space. They’re light enough to move from place to place and their chic designs complement both outdoor and indoor decor. Since they burn eco-friendly bioethanol, you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing smoke in your eyes or strong odors disrupting a pleasant gathering inside. This blend of form and function gives you the freedom and flexibility to move an open fire like never before.

  • Fire Pits - Weather-resistant concrete bowls & stainless steel campfire style fireplaces
  • Fire Tables - Fluid™ concrete tables with three fuel options in round or rectangular shapes
  • Designer Fireplaces - Stylish see-through glass fireplaces that look great inside or outdoors

Built-in fireplace inserts

Interior designers, architects and homeowners will love EcoSmart Fire’s line of modern fireplace inserts. They can easily be installed in any residential setting and blend seamlessly with the existing cabinetry, architecture or fireplace setting.

Benefits of EcoSmart Fire bio ethanol fireplace inserts

Installing an EcoSmart Fire built-in fireplace has many advantages over traditional wood-burning or gas fueled alternatives.

  • No vent or chimney is required
  • No gas line
  • Easy installation without the need for multiple contractors
  • Can be installed in any residence
  • Many sizes & configurations
  • Commercial grade quality
  • Durable steel structure will last a lifetime

EcoSmart Fire has a variety of fireplace insert collections that appeal to homeowners, interior designers and architects alike.

  • Premium Series - Fireplace inserts made from stainless steel in multiple single or double-sided versions
  • Flex Series - Fireplace inserts in a wide variety of styles, sizes & configurations
  • Electric Series – Digital fireplace inserts with realistic flames & remote controls in various sizes for indoor use

e-NRG bioethanol

e-NRG is eco-friendly and specially formulated to be the cleanest and most efficient liquid ethanol on the market.

  • Beautiful orange flame
  • Clean burning heat without the smoke
  • Low odor fuel without the need for a vent
  • Longest burning time
  • Safe refilling & lighting equipment
  • Order online for delivery right to your door
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