Mediterranean style meets eco-friendly industrial design

Contemporary outdoor furniture manufacturer iSiMAR has industrial origins and Mediterranean roots. They've worked expertly with the same natural and environmentally friendly materials for over half a century and evolved from making utilitarian fences and shelves to designing fashionable patio seating and tables.

Be Mediterranean - Cultural essence of enjoying life outdoors

iSiMAR began fifty-five years ago as Industrias San Isidro, a small workshop in Pamplona, Spain that made chicken cages, refrigerator shelves and other metal products. In 2012, the company redefined itself as an in-house furniture design firm that infused its metalworking expertise with the Mediterranean culture it embraces - one that acknowledges the intrinsic value of joy, well-being and community and celebrates being outdoors. Their imaginative collections are inspired by the natural landscapes and colors of their environment and express this relaxed living lifestyle.

Be Authentic - Industrial origins

iSiMAR has a heritage of fabricating industrial metal products that withstand humid and highly corrosive environments. The company has leveraged this expertise to produce long-lasting patio furniture for residential and commercial settings. This durability arises from their honed processes and chosen raw materials.

Controlled manufacturing process

Unlike most companies, iSiMAR has a fully integrated manufacturing facility that allows them to manage the process from beginning to end. This affords them tighter control over product quality, consistency and production timing.

iSiMAR In-house Process

  1. Choice of Material - Materials are chosen for their high quality, suitability for intensive outdoor use and environmental friendliness
  2. Industrial Technology - iSiMAR's fully integrated manufacturing facility enables them to make every component of their pieces with precision and accuracy
  3. Custom Tools - Their unique designs require in-house developed tooling, which preserves their handcrafted essence and ensures products meet the highest quality standards
  4. Welding & Reworking - Products are welded manually and polished to achieve the perfect finish when complete
  5. Protective Coatings for Exterior Use - Finishes are designed specifically for use with galvanized steel and aluminum and possess mechanical properties that result in maximum resistance to outdoor exposure
  6. Quality Control - Rigorous testing and safety certifications to meet contract-grade standards for use outdoors

High-quality durable outdoor materials

All iSiMAR furniture is manufactured from galvanized steel or aluminum rods, tubes and sheets. These corrosion-resistant metals come from 100&pct; recycled sources and are themselves recyclable. Their long lifespans reduce replacement frequency, decreasing the environmental impact. Other materials used for upholstery cushions and tabletops are chosen for their strength, weather and use resilience, and ease of maintenance.

iSiMAR Materials

  • Metal - Strong galvanized steel and aluminum are 100&pct; recycled and recyclable
  • Leather - Very fine-grain leather, which is resistant to light, salt water and abrasion - perfect for outdoor and contract use
  • Fabric - Durable solution-dyed acrylic textile upholstery covers from premium suppliers like Sunbrella®, Bliss® and Tuvatextil® are breathable, water-repellant, stain-resistant and colorfast
  • Porcelain - High-performance porcelain tabletops are scratch-resistant, impermeable, resistant to temperature changes and UV rays
  • HPL - High-pressure laminate tabletops are sturdy, resistant to impact, abrasion, water, chemical substances and heat
  • Finish - Texturized matte polyester powder-coating specifically formulated for galvanized steel and aluminum, which is weather-resistant, VOC-free and non-toxic

Be Design - Internationally renown designers

iSiMAR has a creative team of design professionals with extensive experience designing furniture, lighting, textiles and architectural elements for interiors and exteriors. Each comfortable collection features clean lines, a modern aesthetic and a visual lightness that creates a cheerful ambiance.


    iSiMAR relies on the avante garde Spanish design firm Il Mio Design for art direction. Its founders Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada supervise the development of all collections and help create unique products and solutions for innovative projects with modern aesthetics. Their architectural and industrial design expertise and artisanal spirit influence their vision for products satisfying physical and psychological needs. They recognize that talent has no boundaries and collaborate with designers from all corners of the world.


    This dynamic multidisciplinary firm takes a 360° approach to design to transform clever ideas into tangible and distinctive design experiences. Lagranga Design creates high-quality joyful furniture pieces for contemporary spaces.


    Renown international designer Ramon Esteve and his team of architects, designers and creatives at REE are valued collaborators. Their projects embrace clarity and simplicity to achieve harmony, "creating places you would like to live in."


    Architecture and interior design studio Teresa Sapey + Partners delivers bespoke projects and experiences. They specialize in developing vibrant and dynamic solutions for the hospitality industry and luxury residential spaces. Their style is imbued with vitality and color - elevating users' emotional experience.


    Spanish designer Paula Chacartegui specializes in creating objects, furniture, lighting and textiles for indoor and outdoor settings.


    Environmentally conscious designer Matteo Thun creates timeless customizable designs with a simplicity that ensures the durability and aesthetic quality of each piece. His background in architecture and interior concepts is enhanced by his focus on repurposing resources and leaving a minimal carbon footprint.


    International furniture designers Chaput & Guijarro work in a contemporary minimalist style with defined lines and simple functionality.

Be Respectful - Commitment to the environment, social and economic community, and product quality

iSiMAR is committed to environmental and social responsibility through the implementation of its Sustainable Development Goals and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. The company is mindful of its obligations as a member of the social and economic communities on both a local and global level.

They control the manufacturing process from start to finish and consider each stage of a product’s life cycle. Additionally, their materials are sourced from local suppliers to support the region's economy and reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation.

iSiMAR's Sustainable Responsibility Initiative

  1. Our products are made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials.
  2. We are committed to a circular economy, producing and developing products that have long lives.
  3. Our factory is entirely powered by PV solar energy. We produce 5 times more renewable energy than we consume, enabling us to provide our surplus to other local companies.
  4. We strive daily to reduce our carbon footprint and have achieved negative CO2 emissions, contributing positively to the environment.
  5. We have a plastic-free product and packaging policy and other minimum waste, responsible consumption, and recycling measures.
  6. We promote innovation and incorporate technological advances to grow and care for our environment and community.
  7. We support local industry. 100% of our suppliers are European and 80% are located within 60 miles of our facilities.
  8. Our company ethics work for human rights, progress, workplace security, and equal opportunity for all genders and races.
  9. We ally and collaborate with organizations and causes with shared values ​​and objectives.

Eco-friendly Certifications

iSiMAR products, processes and manufacturing facilities undergo rigorous testing by independent and governmental organizations to ensure environmental safety.

  1. Greenguard UL Gold - Certifies products have low chemical and VOC emissions
  2. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 - Certifies textiles as safe for human health and the environment
  3. REACH Compliance - Promotes protection of human and environmental health against the risk posed by chemicals
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