Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas

Outdoor shades help block the sun and rain

If you spend time outdoors, you know how important it is to have some shade to escape the heat, glare and UV rays of the sun and cover from inclement weather. Market umbrellas can be placed anywhere (even wall mounted) and are great for protecting small spaces or for going through umbrella tables. But, these products are limited in the amount of coverage they provide and their adaptability to changing conditions or personal preferences for your living space outdoors. Cantilevers provide sun protection from ultraviolet light and rain over larger spaces. The canopies come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and are typically made from water-repellent solution-dyed acrylic, polyester or olefin fabric. Neutral tones like white, beige, grey and black complement virtually every furniture style on a deck or next to a swimming pool. Conversely, vibrant red, green, yellow or even a striped canopy makes a bold statement on a sunny lawn or backyard garden. Wind vents at the top of most canopies allow air to safely flow and provide ventilation in all weather.

Offset umbrellas for outdoor lounge & dining settings

Cantilever umbrellas are large patio umbrellas with their support pole on the side of the canopy. The overhanging configuration enables side post deck umbrellas to shade extra large areas without poles or frames obstructing the view or traffic lanes. This makes them the ideal umbrella type for shade over dining tables and lounge seating where you want to freely and easily interact with friends and family without distraction. They can even provide protection for an outdoor kitchen on a hardwood deck. Offset umbrella canopies typically have tilt systems that let you make an adjustment in one or more directions and rotate up to 360° - enabling you to tweak the shade position throughout the day or to cover different areas of your patio, pool or garden. Tilt mechanisms range from cranks to handles that you maneuver up and down the frame. Some modern styles have integrated LED lights that allow you to enjoy your backyard in the evening. Add-on items such as Bluetooth® speakers or heaters can also bring the comfort of indoor living to the outdoors year-round. There are also elaborate cantilever patio umbrellas with multiple canopies that operate independently so you can customize the shade by area.

Hospitality-grade cantilever patio umbrellas

Due to their size, side pole umbrellas require more substantial design and structural quality than their center pole counterparts. Typically, these types of metal umbrellas have an aluminum pole or steel frame structure with heavy duty ribs and reinforced connection points, although there are some wood versions. They also demand heavier umbrella bases or more industrial mounting options. Decor Outdoor sells durable cantilevered umbrellas that can be used in residential homes and commercial locations (e.g. resorts, hotels, restaurants, etc), and are designed to stand up to extended exposure in the elements. Enduring style and dependable design are hallmarks of luxury products valued by discerning buyers. Most of our shades have fabric canopies from premium brands like Sunbrella®, Outdura® and Spuncylic®. These high-performance synthetic textiles repel water, resist fading and provide UV protection. Coastal locations may require marine-grade fabric that has a heavier weight, tighter weave and more durable coating to combat high winds and salt air.

Cantilevered patio umbrellas - Worthwhile investments of time & money

Usually, cantilevers cost significantly more than market umbrellas and need more planning, setup preparation and room. Not only are they typically larger in height and weight but they are constructed with stronger designs and incorporate greater functionality. However, this type of shade requires substantial anchoring to ensure that it does not tip over. In some instances, a heavily weighted stand or portable base with wheels (often filled with sand or concrete pavers) may work but permanent mounting may be necessary for patio umbrellas with a larger canopy size, windier environments and higher traffic commercial settings. Installation may be as simple as affixing surface mounts to concrete patios or as complex as digging a hole on a property, inserting an in-ground mount and pouring cement. It may be a more involved DIY or contracted design project but it provides greater stability and improves the durability of your investment - helping them perform and look great for years. Similarly, the maintenance of side pole patio umbrellas is more involved than for center post shades but manufacturers usually provide tutorials and tips that make it relatively easy for most people to handle.

Key features & factors to compare - Cantilevered umbrellas

  • Lift Mechanism - Large patio umbrellas have heavy canopies, so it makes a difference if there's a lever, crank, handle or dial
  • Rotation - Cantilevers that can rotate 360° can cover multiple areas at different times of the day
  • Tilt Function - Most cantilever shades can tilt forward and back, side to side or both to adjust to the sun's position (be aware of the height at different angles to avoid clearance issues)
  • Canopy Shape - A rectangular canopy works well over a long dining area, while a round or square cantilever umbrella is ideal for a symmetrical seating area
  • Wind Resistance - Check the Beaufort rating to determine how much wind an umbrella can handle safely
  • Collapsibility - Canopies close and fold in a variety of ways and some can be unsightly or hard to store even when closed
  • Mobility - Wheeled freestanding bases and permanent mounts with quick release features make it easier to relocate offset umbrellas

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Frequently Asked Questions - Cantilever Umbrellas

How heavy should a cantilever umbrella base be?

Most cantilever umbrella manufacturers recommend 30-40 pounds per canopy foot (even more for windy settings). So, an offset umbrella with a 10 foot diameter canopy should have a base that is at least 300-400 pounds.

How much space do side pole umbrellas need?

Many cantilever umbrellas can rotate up to 360°. So, if you want to shade multiple areas, you need to double the horizontal clearance space based on the canopy diameter and additional arm length to the side pole. Also, offset umbrellas may be able to tilt the canopy almost 90° so you need a lot more vertical space to accommodate all angles.

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