Jardinico Caractere - Elegant modern patio umbrellas

These sleek outdoor shades have a slim profile and exquisite design. They're impeccably styled in an array of finishes and canopy colors to effortlessly coordinate with a variety of outdoor furnishings and architectural settings. Enjoy sun protection without sacrificing aesthetics with these innovative umbrellas. Their large cantilever umbrellas provide maximum shade with a minimalist silhouette that allows the beauty of the surrounding landscape to shine unobstructed.

Long-lasting outdoor shades

Their upscale appeal translates flawlessly to both high-end residential and hospitality environments. Not only do these stunning outdoor market and offset umbrellas look beautiful, but they have a robust construction that is built for the most demanding applications too. Their weather-resistant aluminum frames and steel bases are made to last for years and the canopies open with a simple twist of the hand. Jardinico Umbrellas even have locking wheels that make it easy to move the shades wherever you need it.

Outdoor Umbrella Features

  • Extra sturdy & thick aluminum frame
  • Most styles rotate 360°
  • Seamless transition from umbrella post to base
  • Powder-coated galvanized steel base
  • All-weather rotating wheels that lock
  • Self-locking canopy fasteners
  • Protective cover included
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