Elegant & understated shade solutions

Umbrosa umbrellas are internationally recognized as unique shade designs that blend simplicity, ergonomics and elegance. Their stylish patio umbrellas, shade sails and bases reflect a modern sensibility that appeals to both residential and commercial installations alike. The sleek Spectra Cantilever Umbrella features a flat fan-like canopy that cuts through the wind and has a minimal silhouette. Their UX collection adds sophistication with coordinated monochromatic palettes between the base, frame and canopy fabric.

Umbrosa's designer patio umbrellas are inspired by nature

Renowned designers from around the world imbue Umbrosa umbrellas with creative vision and innovation. Nature serves as a major inspiration for these unique outdoor shades and distinguishes them from traditional parasols. Leaves, branches, trees and plants all influence how each design comes to life. The Icarus Cantilever Umbrella has an unforgettable leaf design that allows the canopy to act as both a sun shade and shelter from the wind.

State-of-the-art commercial-grade outdoor umbrellas

Umbrosa shade solutions are constructed using long-lasting anodized aluminum and UV-resistant textiles. Modern high-tech product design is at the heart of the company's portfolio. The Paraflex Wall Mount Umbrella and the freestanding variations integrate an articulating arm that allows you to precisely position the canopy or fold it away when not in use. Their stunning designs can be found from the world's most beautiful private terraces to five-star seaside resorts.

Beaufort Scale Ratings*

Umbrosa's range of outdoor umbrellas undergo rigorous stress and wind tunnel testing at TU Delft, which is renowned as one of the top engineering and technology universities in the world. Below are the Beaufort wind scale ratings for their shades.

Product Beaufort Score MPH
Eclipsum UX5-624-31
Icarus / Icarus UX5-924-54
Nano UX4-718-38
Paraflex / Paraflex UX3-612-31
Versa UX4-718-38

*Per Umbrosa: "Scores when base is placed on a flat surface and the umbrella is put in the ideal wind position. Be aware of wind gusts, they can easily be 3 to 7 mph stronger than the average wind speeds. The scale is purely advisory and Umbrosa cannot be held responsible for any wind damage. Please consult our warranty policy at for more information."

Frequently Asked Questions - Umbrosa Patio Umbrellas & Shades

What kinds of outdoor shades does Umbrosa manufacture?

Umbrosa makes a variety of high-end market and cantilever umbrellas, as well as shade sails. The company is headquartered and has manufacturing facilities in Roeselare, Belgium with a new warehouse in Houston, Texas. View their full product line in their current catalog.

What is the lead time for shipping Umbrosa umbrellas and shades?

Umbrosa has one of the quickest turnaround times from order receipt to shipment. Their Quick Ship Standard products (including Paraflex, Spectra and Icarus models) ship within 8 days from Houston, TX with the remainder leaving warehouses inside of 4 weeks from either Texas or Belgium. Most Solidum fabrics are Quick Ship, while Colorum/Sunbrella are not.

Their chic UX products also ship in a short period of time. Icarus UX, Nano UX and Versa UX are Quick Ship items and leave within 8 days from Houston. Eclipsum UX and Paraflex UX ship inside 4 weeks from Belgium.

For specifics, review Umbrosa’s Quick Ship program and other relevant information.

NOTE - Quick Ship document information is the European timetable. For the U.S. add 5 business days.

What are Umbrosa’s frames and canopies made of?

Frames are constructed of anodized aluminum and the UX collection has a powder-coated finish to protect the metal against corrosion. Mobile base frames are made from galvanized steel with aluminum covers that coordinate with the umbrella’s frame finish. The Sand version of Icarus UX and Versa UX features bases with a faux wood top of thermo poplar.

Canopies are made from either Solidum® or Sunbrella® fabric. These solution-dyed acrylic textiles are colorfast and water-repellent. The primary difference is that Sunbrella® is slightly heavier (260 grams / meter2 vs 250 grams / meter2)

How do you clean & maintain Umbrosa umbrellas?

You can greatly extend the useful life of your Umbrosa umbrella by keeping it clean, maintained and well-protected when not in use. Review Umbrosa’s detailed instructions for maintaining different materials and parts of their umbrellas.

What is Umbrosa's warranty?

Umbrosa’s limited warranty ranges from 2 to 10 years based on the specific umbrella component. Superficial scratches or discoloration are not covered.

  • Frames (10 years) - All aluminum extrusion profiles. Only damage due to construction or manufacturing defects.
  • Canopies (5 years) - All Solidum® and Sunbrella® fabric, except Ingenua shade sails and protection covers.
  • Ribs (5 years) - All fiberglass ribs and welded tubes.
  • Metal Fittings (5 years) - All stainless steel parts.
  • Plastic Fittings (3 years) - All synthetic plastic parts.
  • Powder-Coatings (2 years) - All powder-coated parts if paint flakes or forms bubbles.
  • Bases (2 years) - All tile bases.

For more information and details on limitations, view or download Umbrosa’s full warranty from their website.

If you have a warranty claim, please complete this form and submit it to Decor Outdoor.

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