Patio Umbrellas & Shades

Patio Umbrellas & Shades

Luxury patio shade umbrellas and canopies

An outdoor space is a wonderful place to relax. However, when the sun is beating down, the heat and glare can be uncomfortable. A little shade can make an afternoon of entertaining on your deck or lounging poolside much more enjoyable.

This is where umbrellas and shade canopies come into play. A sun shade umbrella is the perfect remedy for an overexposed patio or deck.

Our premium outdoor umbrellas and patio shades come with a variety of helpful options, in multiple colors and styles. We have a wide range of different style umbrellas to match nearly every yard, garden, and patio. Select the style and color options that best suit your deck aesthetic.

These high end outdoor shades are made by designer brands like:

They use only the finest materials and provide the highest level of patio luxury. Our selection ranges from small round parasols and large patio umbrellas to luxurious daybeds and pavilions with adjustable canopies.

Market umbrellas - great additions to any patio set

These familiar deck umbrellas have a single center pole. The canopy may be lifted using various mechanisms: manual lift, pulley and crank. Some also have a tilt feature, which enables you to angle the canopy to track the movement of the sun throughout the day.

Of all patio umbrella options, the market patio umbrella might just be the most common and most popular.

Freestanding parasols require a patio umbrella stand to remain upright. Without a proper deck umbrella stand, your umbrella may not stay upright.

The poles may also pass through holes in the middle of specially designed outdoor umbrella tables. These convenient furnishings enable you to enjoy your dining table without fear of overexposure to harsh ultraviolet rays.

Cantilever umbrellas - greater coverage of your deck furniture

These offset umbrellas typically have hanging canopies and feature arms or frames that are positioned to the side. This configuration enables cantilever patio umbrellas to provide sun protection for a large area. And all without getting in the middle of things.

They're perfect for hot tubs or lounge areas where a market umbrella can't be used or would obstruct activities. Many offset patio umbrellas can rotate 360° - providing sunshade for an even greater area without having to move.

Canopies - modern gazebos and cabanas

These large freestanding sun shade umbrellas provide maximum protection for patio furniture sets. They also offer a little more privacy when compared with traditional patio umbrellas.

Their ceilings and curtains are made from UV-resistant textiles, which not only shield you from the sun above but the side as well. The wall blinds of these outdoor patio shades can often be adjusted for perfect coverage.

Cover multiple outdoor tables with ease, thanks to their generous size. Plus, you’re sure to enjoy heavy duty materials and construction that are built for long term enjoyment.

We carry several outdoor canopies and pavilions that house daybeds. This allows you to escape to your own private oasis, away from the noise of kids or bothersome glare. Some also have modern LED lighting options.

Accessories - patio umbrella bases and protective covers

When equipping your outdoor space with a beautiful new garden umbrella, there’s one more consideration. Don’t forget to select accessories to keep your umbrella functioning for years to come.

Outdoor umbrella stands or bases, prevent parasols from tipping over in windy conditions. Some come in center pole designs while others come in offset styles. The weight required increases with the diameter of the canopy and the length of the cantilever arm.

They come in various shapes and are usually constructed of metal and concrete. Heavier models sometimes incorporate wheels to make moving them easier. It's important to have patio umbrella covers to protect your investment.

We recommend you close and secure the sun shade canopy when it's not in use. For longer term storage, it should be wrapped in a weather-resistant cover.

Materials - Sunbrella fabrics, durable woods and corrosion-resistant metals

The canopies of our shades are covered in weather-resistant Sunbrella® fabric or similar textiles such as Outdura®, Spuncrylic® and Solidum®. These materials have high UPF ratings which provide relief from the sun's rays and keep their vibrant colors for many years.

Our patio umbrella parts are made using eco-friendly teak, meranti, aluminum and fiberglass. These high end materials look great and can accommodate changing weather and wind conditions.

High-quality outdoor materials may cost a little more initially. But they save you more money in the long run since you don't have to keep replacing items. So, kick back in comfort this summer and enjoy the warm weather in style.

Key features to compare - Patio umbrellas & sun shades

  • Shade Area - Umbrellas and canopy structures provide different amounts of shade and each has its pros and cons if covering an outdoor dining or lounge setting
  • Adaptability - Sun movement, changing shade areas and impulse preferences require adjustments and functional capabilities
  • Base & Mounting - Location constraints and environmental factors may have different requirements for securing and stabilizing these sun shade umbrellas
  • Wind Resistance - Check the Beaufort rating to determine how much wind a patio umbrella can handle safely
  • Care & Maintenance - Some materials and colors require more frequent cleaning, and design affects the level of maintenance needed to ensure durability

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Frequently Asked Questions – Patio Umbrellas & Shades

What are different types of outdoor shades?

There are a wide variety of mobile and fixed outdoor shades. Most fall under these categories:

  • Market Umbrellas
  • Cantilever Umbrellas
  • Shade Sails
  • Cabanas
  • Pavilions
  • Canopies
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos

What's the best brand of patio umbrella or outdoor shade?

There are many manufacturers of high-end outdoor umbrellas and shade structures. Some specialize in sun protection, while others also produce patio furniture. Top brands include:

  • Tuuci
  • Jardinico
  • Umbrosa
  • Shadowspec
  • Woodline
  • Mamagreen
  • Tropitone
  • Shademaker

  • Cuscini
  • Bambrella
  • Academy
  • FiberBuilt

What's the difference between a shade sail and a canopy?

Shade sails are pieces of UV-resistant fabric that are stretched between several anchored points (e.g. wall, roof or pole) to provide protection from the sun. The fixed points must be stable to handle the tension required to keep the fabric taut.

Canopies are also made of fabric but they typically hang or are draped over a structure that may attached to a building (e.g. eave) or a standalone (e.g. four poster frame).

In either case for the canopy or umbrella, shade is made abundant throughout the hottest times of the day. All you need to decide is whether umbrellas and shade canopies will provide the coverage you need.

What is the best material for a patio umbrella?

The material for your patio umbrella depends largely on your yard’s features.

Are you south-facing and in a warm climate? If so, we recommend a heavy-duty material built to stand up to the sun.

Do you just want some shade in a tree-dappled spot? A simple polyester fabric umbrella shade will do the trick.

When in doubt, reach out to us. We’d be happy to discuss your shade umbrella options. We’ve helped countless customers find the perfect deck umbrella and would love to help you as well!

Can your patio shade umbrella models be used in cafes, restaurants and more?

Yes, each of our umbrellas offered can be used in both home and commercial environments.

Feel free to enjoy our patio shade umbrella models wherever you’d like the gift of shade.

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