Luxury in-outdoor furniture

Modern architecture integrates interior design with the exterior environment. This holistic approach creates a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality that eschews conventional ideas of the home. Sifas, founded on the French Riviera, has been crafting furniture with this philosophy in mind for over fifty years. Our in-outdoor furniture lines continue to evolve from simply elegant poolside and patio furnishings to high-end leisure pieces that imbue a material respect for nature with a goal of energy neutrality in production.

Beginnings of the in-out style

Asian influence

While historic Western architecture favored stone for building walls, Chinese and Japanese builders were drawn to wood construction. Long wooden beams could stretch the length of a house and allow facades to open widely upon natural surroundings. Frank Lloyd Wright, inspired by Asian designs he viewed at the Chicago World’s Fair, began incorporating steel versions in his residential projects in the late 1890s.

European flavor

Over the years, Wright’s work influenced the direction of the Bauhaus movement and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in particular. Concurrently, in France, Le Corbusier began working with concrete and the melding of ideas yielded homes with flat roofs, which utilized increasingly light steel beam structures. This allowed for wider and wider windows and a greater connection to nature, and gradually evolved into the “in-out” style we’re familiar with today.

How does furniture fit in?

Architect Adolf Loos suggested that fixed furniture should be integrated into domestic architectural design. The remaining light and mobile pieces: chairs, tables and sofas should easily be moved from inside to outside and back, depending on the situation. This type of furniture would need to be stylish, functional and durable – precisely how Sifas designs are positioned.

Our design style

Sifas calls upon experienced designers who are fully aware of the requirements of discerning individuals, top class hotels, spas, restaurants and clubs. The result is a wide range of furniture pieces that are both functional and comfortable. Their forms evoke a certain atmosphere, while their style sets them apart from all others.


Unique and stylish designs are not enough when it comes to the benchmark standards Sifas demands of our products. In-outdoor furniture must not only be comfortable and great looking the first season but in the years to come too. Durability, structural and aesthetic, set Sifas apart from the competition. The technology integrated into Sifas' collection of tables, chairs and loungers helps resist damage and fading from natural and man-made elements.

Unmatched warranty

We are confident in our expertise and quality control. Sifas offers a 10 year warranty for home use for furniture manufacturing defects. A 2-year warranty is offered for textile products and surface finishing.

Eco-friendly materials

Sifas is also a responsible eco-friendly manufacturer. We utilize many durable materials with low carbon footprints that are also recyclable. Our aim is to limit the environmental impact of Sifas products throughout their life cycle.

Sifas in the news

This rare combination of commercial grade quality and elegant style for in-outdoor furniture has continually been recognized and applauded by industry press.

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