Quintessential Scandinavian garden furniture

The Drachmann range of outdoor benches, chairs and tables have a timeless classic design that is as popular today as it was twenty-five years ago. The collection takes inspiration from furniture pictured in paintings by 19th century Danish painters, such as Michael Ancher, Peder Severin Kroyer and of course Holger Drachmann. These artists flocked to the picturesque landscapes of Skagen to capture the breathtaking scenery and unique light of Denmark's Northernmost town. Local cabinetmakers crafted furniture that accentuated the natural beauty of the scenic gardens in which they stood, and the paintings recorded their harmonious designs for posterity.

Long lasting wooden patio seating and tables

Skagerak took these unforgettable images and brought them to life in the Drachmann collection. To ensure that the furniture lives up to the high standards expected of iconic Scandinavian design, each piece is crafted using only the finest woods. Drachmann is available in natural teak or FSC™ certified sapelli that is painted a bright glossy white color. Teak is a very durable hardwood, whose high oil content enables it to resist damage from rot, mold and constant exposure to the elements. Initially, it has a honey toned woodgrain appearance, but it patinates over time to an elegant silvery grey finish. Sapelli has a density and stability that s similar to mahogany, but at a much lower cost. The wood is dried to minimize expansion and then coated in weather-resistant paint until the surfaces achieve a lustrous white finish that is both vibrant and strong.

Designer: Bernt Santesson

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