Relaxing patio lounge furniture with some life

Skagerak's Regatta collection of wooden patio seats and tables is as sporty as its name would indicate. The dynamic sloping design of the legs and bases create the illusion of movement, giving each piece an energetic feel that is absent in other static outdoor furnishings. In contrast to its look, the Regatta range is built for relaxation. The inclined seats and their curved surfaces help to take stress off of your back and nestle you in for a lazy day in the sun.

Luxurious solid teak construction

Regatta's light and airy appearance belies its sturdy hardwood design. The slatted surfaces of the lounge chair, bench, stool and table are made from solid teak. This strong and elegant wood is perfect for garden or poolside furniture, since it has a high oil content that enables it to resist damage from mold, mildew and other outdoor issues. Teak has a natural honey woodgrain look that fades over time and exposure to the elements into a beautiful silver grey patina. So, you don't have to spend a lot time maintaining teak, beyond the normal cleaning of debris and spills.

Designer: Hans Thyge

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