Contemporary razor thin cantilever umbrellas

The Spectra series of patio umbrellas has a sleek wind-resistant profile and convenient design. It utilizes a fan-inspired construction that allows its flat canopy to fold up against the pole - making it easy to slip on a protective cover and minimize the space needed when not in use.

Multi-position outdoor umbrella canopy

This ultramodern offset umbrella has an adjustable canopy that can tilt from horizontal to 30° when open. The single canopy version also rotates 360° to track the sun’s movement.

Two umbrella pole angle options

Spectra comes with a standard vertical side pole for one, two and multi-canopy versions, but the single canopy model is also available with a forward leaning pole. The 80° pole gives the patio umbrella a unique look and allows you to place it further away from lounge seating or dining sets.

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