Freestanding Fireplaces

Freestanding Fireplaces

Premium freestanding fireplaces

EcoSmart Fire’s collection of elegant designer fireplaces have an upscale look that appeals to interior designers, decorators and homeowners alike. Their modern steel and see-through glass design enables them to complement virtually any decor style in both residential and commercial environments. modern stainless steel burners seemingly float on air as they produce a pleasing flame courtesy of e-NRG bio ethanol fuel.

Portability = Flexibility

These designer fireplaces are not constrained by complicated ventilation systems. They burn clean bioethanol fuel, so they can go anywhere inside and out. They're also relatively lightweight, so you can easily move them to wherever the mood strikes. Warm up a lounge area when you're entertaining guests or spread the heat around the house when it's just you and the family. Portability gives you the flexibility to change things up quickly, even if you need to move the party from the patio to your living room as the night goes on.

Key benefits of EcoSmart Fire’s designer ethanol fireplaces

  • Movable – these contemporary fireplaces are lightweight and can easily be moved from spot to spot or another room
  • Flexible in-outdoor solution – their sophisticated design allows them to seamlessly blend with patio and interior designs
  • Ventless – EcoSmart Fire’s e-NRG bio ethanol burners create a clean flame that is smokeless, low odor and doesn’t require a flue or chimney
  • Ready to go – just unpackage these fully-assembled luxury fireplaces, set the burner in place and put them wherever you need a cozy fire

Two clearly chic portable fireplaces

EcoSmart Fire’s designer fireplaces are constructed using commercial grade stainless steel and tempered glass. They’re also UL listed and certified for use in the EU, UK and Australia, so you know you’re getting premium quality products that are safe.

Ghost fireplaces – Slim & sleek

This tall and slender freestanding fireplace can fit into almost any nook and cranny. Its modern transparent glass body renders it nearly invisible as it supports the ethanol burner. You can add an optional windscreen when using it outdoors, or place decorative logs in the lower compartment to add a homey accent.

Igloo fireplaces – Broad appeal

This wide glass fireplace has a simple yet artful contemporary design. Its minimalist transparent frame supports a rectangular stainless steel shelf that houses the bioethanol burner. Add a matching toughened glass fire screen to block the wind or protect stray items from the open flame. The open space below the shelf is perfect for storing books, decorative kindling or other accents.

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