Sifas Sunbrella Cushion Fabrics

Classic Custom Fabrics

Each fabric is 100% solution-dyed acrylic, UV-resistant, water-repellent and easy-care.


Blanc - White Blanc

Deauville Canvas

ME09 - Sunbrella Deauville Canvas ME09

Deauville Taupe

ME05 - Sunbrella Deauville Taupe ME05


ME30 - Sunbrella Dupione ME30


ME14 - Sunbrella Edgar ME14

Flanelle Gris

ME17 - Sunbrella Flanelle Gris ME17

Natte Grey Chine

ME21 - Sunbrella Natte Grey Chine ME21

Natte Heather Grey

ME19 - Sunbrella Natte Heather Grey ME19

Natte Prussian Blue

ME18 - Sunbrella Natte Prussian Blue ME18

Natte White

ME20 - Sunbrella Natte White ME20

Premium Custom Fabrics

This range of Sunbrella® premium fabrics for Sifas seat and back cushions is thicker (365 gr) than the classic range. Premium fabrics have a tighter weave and are more colorfast. Each fabric is 100% solution-dyed acrylic, UV-resistant, water-repellent and easy-care. The underside is also given a waterproof treatment.

Bengali Capri

PN25 - Sunbrella Bengali Capri PN25

Bengali Sky

PN29 - Sunbrella Bengali Sky PN29

Bengali Yellow

PN23 - Sunbrella Bengali Yellow PN23

Chartres Bronze

PN1 - Sunbrella Chartres Bronze PN1

Chartres Gold

PN5 - Sunbrella Chartres Gold PN5

Chartres Grey

PN6 - Sunbrella Chartres Grey PN6

Chartres Heather

PN4 - Sunbrella Chartres Heather PN4

Chartres Mineral

PN2 - Sunbrella Chartres Mineral PN2

Chartres Pearl

PN7 - Sunbrella Chartres Pearl PN7

Lopi Glacier

PN14 - Sunbrella Lopi Glacier PN14

Lopi Marble

PN10 - Sunbrella Lopi Marble PN10

Lopi Sand

PN11 - Sunbrella Lopi Sand PN11

Lopi Snow

PN15 - Sunbrella Lopi Snow PN15

Robben Drama

PN22 - Sunbrella Robben Drama PN22

Robben Ocean

PN24 - Sunbrella Robben Ocean PN24

Robben Plum

PN28 - Sunbrella Robben Plum PN28

Robben Silver

PN26 - Sunbrella Robben Silver PN26

Robben Sky

PN27 - Sunbrella Robben Sky PN27

Savane Granit

PN21 - Sunbrella Savane Granit PN21

Tundra Quartz

PN20 - Sunbrella Tundra Quartz PN20
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