Minimalist outdoor bistro, lounge & dining furniture

The Arholma collection from Skargaarden is inspired by the island that bears its name and the secret military facility it conceals within its cavernous terrain. Military-grade products are spartan in their design, resource-efficient and durable. Arholma's dining chairs, lounge seating and tables waste nothing on the superficial yet exude an understated beauty in their utilitarian form.

Sleek steel tables & seating

The range's slender metal rods and surfaces are made from powder-coated steel with a classic dark grey finish. The protective coating inures the bistro furniture from corrosion and other weather damage, while the trim profile gives the pieces aesthetic lightness and an airy feel despite the solid and sturdy construction. The Arholma Lounge Chair, Sofa and Sun Lounger feature plush cushions and form-fitting batyline slings to ensure your time outside is comfortable and enjoyable.

Convenient dining sets for small or large spaces

Arholma is designed with function at the forefront. Its seats and table are scaled to work in settings where space is at a premium or when you have room to spare. The slender frames and razor-thin silhouette prevent this cafe furniture from overwhelming an outdoor setting. Additionally, the stackable chairs allow you to easily store them when not in use. This line is perfect for balconies, gardens and other private areas outside your home. Additionally, the upholstered dining chair and round dining table comfortably seat four people on your patio or hardwood deck.

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