Ethanol Burners

Ethanol Burners

EcoSmart Fire premium ethanol burners

p>These sophisticated stainless steel burners are at the core of EcoSmart Fire's diverse range of modern ethanol fireplaces. Their ingenious minimalist designs blend form and function to create a superior burner with boundless possibilities. World-renowned designers and architects have incorporated these award-winning ethanol burners in magnificent luxury residences, international resorts, chic office towers and alfresco environments around the globe.

Flexible bioethanol burner inserts

These stainless steel burners have a streamlined near zero-clearance design that allows them to integrate effortlessly with residential and commercial installations. Because they use e-NRG bio ethanol, these burners produce a low odor smokeless flame that provides architects and interior designers with the flexibility to incorporate them indoors or outdoors. There's never any soot or ash, so homeowners and business owners can provide a welcoming open flame without all the mess of traditional fires.

Diverse range of ethanol burners

EcoSmart Fire has seven models of bio ethanol burners for your indoor or outdoor fireplace.

  • BK5 Ethanol Burner - Compact square burner that can be used alone or in multiples for more elaborate fire displays
  • AB Ethanol Burners (2 models) - Clean round burners for portable fireplaces or contemporary custom designs
  • XL Ethanol Burners (4 models) - Sleek rectangular burners for table top fireplaces or wall-mounted fireplace inserts

Easy to install ethanol fireplace burner inserts

These contemporary burners can be installed very quickly into EcoSmart Fire's diverse range of fire pits, designer fireplaces, fire tables and fireplace inserts. Their clean-lined design allows them to simply set into the framework right out of the box. Indoor or outdoor custom installations may require a little extra preparation. However, since there is no additional ventilation system or fuel line to connect to, their installation is still quicker than with gas or wood-burning alternatives. They can also be washed in hot water or your dishwasher, so they are easier to clean than other ethanol burners.

Durable, efficient & safe burners

EcoSmart Fire ethanol burners are designed to perform consistently and safely for years. They have been thoroughly tested against a number of global standards and certified for use. The burners operate at peak efficiency when burning eco-friendly e-NRG bio ethanol fuel. It produces the best flame with the lowest odor and the longest burn time in the industry.

Key features of EcoSmart Fire bioethanol burners

  • Stainless steel construction - Ensures durability
  • Deep drawn fabrication - Elimates leaks
  • Dedicated filling point - Eliminates spills
  • Minimalist design - Ensures reliable operation and shut off
  • UL Listed - Ensures safety
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