Mamagreen Materials

Frame Suggestions by Environment

Your patio furniture is only as strong as its supportive structure, so it’s critical that the material used to construct frames, legs and bases is able to withstand the elements where you live. Each environment type has it’s own particular challenges to overcome and some materials and finishes are better equipped to handle them.

Covered Outdoor (Semi-Open)

  • Ultra Durable Powder-coated Aluminum / Stainless Steel
  • Teak
  • 304 Stainless Steel

Tips: Let the furniture breath and avoid covering it for long periods of time to allow materials to dry; Clean and maintain upholstery, frames and tabletops frequently to extend the beautiful looks and functional life of the furniture

Open Outdoor (Fully Exposed)

  • Ultra Durable Powder-coated Aluminum / Stainless Steel
  • Teak
  • 304 Stainless Steel

Tips: In windy areas, choose patio furniture pieces > 20 pounds to minimize the chance of them blowing away or over; Regularly clean and maintain your furniture; Employ waterproof covers to protect your furniture when it's not in use (avoid covering while items are dirty or wet for extended periods of time)

Poolside Areas (Chlorine)

  • Ultra Durable Powder-coated Aluminum
  • Teak
  • 316 Stainless Steel

Tips: Use mesh textiles as much as possible to ensure seats and backrests dry quickly and thoroughly; Remove debris, clean and maintain your outdoor furniture regularly; Utilize protection covers when not in use but don't cover wet or dirty furniture for very long

Marine / Coastal Areas (Salt Air)

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Ultra Durable Powder-coated Aluminum
  • Teak

Tips: Select outdoor furniture pieces > 20 pounds to prevent the wind from blowing them over; Clean and maintain your furniture on a regular basis; Use weatherproof protective covers when not in use; Store cushions indoors if possible

To review a comprehensive Care & Maintenance guide for all Mamagreen materials, CLICK HERE


Teak (scientifically known as Tectona Grandis) is a premium hardwood that is indigenous to South East Asia. Its naturally high oil content makes it highly resistant to water absorption, fungi, rotting and warping. Consequently, teak remains durable in even extreme climates. When exposed to sunlight, teak's woodgrain will gradually fade from warm honey brown to a silvery grey color. This weathered change in appearance does not impact the timber's quality or performance. Many retail products are available to clean, protect or restore teakwood.

Premium Teak

Mamagreen's sustainably harvested Grade-A teak is carefully sourced from fully FSC-certified and responsibly managed teak farms in Java. Regularly clean smooth sanded teak surfaces, especially when the furniture is frequently used for al fresco dining or placed under trees. Wash with lukewarm water and a mild household soap to prevent mildew from accumulating. This is typically caused by dirt accumulation in the grains and nooks of the wood. Each piece of Mamagreen teak furniture is treated with Golden Care® "Teak Shield" to protect against marking, while still allowing the wood to patina to silver grey.

Premium Plantation Teak Care & Maintenance

Smooth-Sanded mamagreen-swatch-teak-plantation-smooth-sanded-large.jpg
Weathered Silver Grey mamagreen-swatch-teak-plantation-weathered-silver-grey-large.jpg


Recycled Teak

We typically use reclaimed teak sourced from buildings that have been abandoned. Recycled teak's imperfections give this eco-friendly wood its character. Holes from bolts and nails, damage from hinges and use, as well as blemishes from weathering work together to give recycled teak its unique appearance. Mamagreen celebrates, rather than conceals, these characteristics - each aesthetic imperfection adds to the personality of the furniture.

Recycled Teak Care & Maintenance

Brushed mamagreen-swatch-teak-recycled-brushed-large.jpg
Smooth-Sanded mamagreen-swatch-teak-recycled-smooth-sanded-large.jpg


Drift-Look Teak

Mamagreen's drift-look teak showcases both naturally occurring and handmade distress markings. This "extra-distressed" recycled teak has a light "original" or dark espresso finish. The contemporary and texture-rich drift-look teak is used in our iconic Aiko lounge and dining collection.

Drift-Look Teak Care & Maintenance

Espresso mamagreen-swatch-teak-drift-look-espresso-large.jpg
Original mamagreen-swatch-teak-drift-look-original-large.jpg

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Mamagreen's Italian manufactured high-pressure laminate (HPL) is a sleek modern material for outdoor furniture that complements commercial and residential spaces alike. Its advanced manufacturing process bonds sheets of aluminum and kraft paper with plastic resins using heat and high pressure. HPL tabletops are easy-to-clean with hot water and liquid soap or, for stubborn stains, common commercial solvents, detergents and thinners. Do not use bleach or alkaline products to clean the material. Stains on lighter colored HPL may be more visible and slightly more difficult to clean versus dark or multi-colored options. Due to its anti-static quality, HPL does not attract dust. Don't apply wax-based products for protection. While extended UV-exposure will result in some discoloration over time, the structural integrity of this material will not degrade.

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Care & Maintenance

Alpes White mamagreen-swatch-hpl-alpes-white-large.jpg
Slate mamagreen-swatch-hpl-slate-large.jpg
Laterite mamagreen-swatch-hpl-laterite-large.jpg
Scratched Grey mamagreen-swatch-hpl-scratched-grey-large.jpg
Carrara White mamagreen-swatch-hpl-carrara-white-large.jpg
Carrara Black mamagreen-swatch-hpl-carrara-black-large.jpg
Volcanic Ash mamagreen-swatch-hpl-volcanic-ash-large.jpg


Most Mamagreen furniture is designed with a strong and durable metal structure. Our high-performance metal frames are available with different textures and colors and can stand up to the rigors of both residential and commercial use.


We use alloy 6063 aluminum for many of our frames. This sturdy and lightweight metal is well-suited for outdoor furniture due, in part, to its anti-rust properties. An additional layer of powder coating protects against additional surface corrosion. The electrostatically charged and baked paint provides uniform color and texture to the surface of the metal. Powder coated frames are easily cleaned with soapy water and a soft brush. Touch-up kits are available to address the occasional minor scratch.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel frames are unmatched in terms of strength and beauty, making them exceptionally suitable for virtually all outdoor environments. Mamagreen typically uses 304 stainless steel - a highly corrosion-resistant iron alloy due to its chrome and nickel content. It comes in a hairline finish with subtle uni-directional grind marks or powder-coatings. The former will last when cleaned on a regular basis but is susceptible to tea staining and is not recommended for marine environments where it may be exposed to salt or chlorinated water. Powder coated 304 stainless steel frames, however, will perform very well even coastal environments. The Albatross collection uses marine-grade 316 stainless steel with a shiny mirror look finish. This top-of-the-class metal is perfect for harsh saltwater settings such as yachts and beach front properties.

Stainless Steel Care & Maintenance

Hairline mamagreen-swatch-metal-hairline-large.jpg
Mirror Polished mamagreen-swatch-metal-mirror-polished-large.jpg


Galvanized Steel

Industrial galvanized steel is protected by a layer of zinc. When given a powder-coating, this metal is highly corrosion resistant. Outdoor furniture with heavy galvanized steel frames are extremely sturdy and suitable for high wind areas but not advised for coastal settings. The production process results in an irregular textured surface.

Powder-Coated Finishes

Mamagreen's electrostatic powder-coatings protect metal from corrosion and other weather damage - increasing the life of patio furniture. The UV-resistant finishes are available in a wide variety of vibrant colors, neutral tones, metallics and four levels of gloss.

Premium - Ultra Durable Semi-Gloss (20-35%)

This long-lasting coating is highly resistant to environmental damage and can be applied to all Mamagreen metal frames. It is suitable for both contract and residential use in all settings.

Cotton mamagreen-swatch-metal-ultra-durable-semi-gloss-cotton-large.jpg
Iron Black mamagreen-swatch-metal-ultra-durable-semi-gloss-iron-black-large.jpg
Champagne mamagreen-swatch-metal-ultra-durable-semi-gloss-champagne-large.jpg


Premium - Vintage Metal (95%)

This unique powder-coating yields an antique metallic finish with intentional imperfections. It works best with round tubular aluminum or galvanized steel frames.

Neo Bronze (Hammered) mamagreen-swatch-metal-vintage-neo-bronze-hammered-large.jpg
Neo Copper mamagreen-swatch-metal-vintage-neo-copper-large.jpg
Neo Brass mamagreen-swatch-metal-vintage-neo-brass-large.jpg


Standard - Gloss (55%)

This smooth-textured finish can be used on all Mamagreen metal frames. While it provides additional protection against the elements, it isn't recommended for marine environments.

Urban White mamagreen-swatch-metal-gloss-urban-white-large.jpg
Ink Black mamagreen-swatch-metal-gloss-ink-black-large.jpg
Azure mamagreen-swatch-metal-gloss-azure-large.jpg
Orange Coral mamagreen-swatch-metal-gloss-orange-coral-large.jpg
Fire Engine Red mamagreen-swatch-metal-gloss-fire-engine-red-large.jpg
Industrial Yellow mamagreen-swatch-metal-gloss-industrial-yellow-large.jpg


Standard - Matte / Sand (15%)

This durable powder-coating has a very low gloss finish and sandy texture. It works well with all metal frames, although it isn't advised for tabletops, sandy areas or commercial settings.

White mamagreen-swatch-metal-matte-white-large.jpg
Black mamagreen-swatch-metal-matte-black-large.jpg
Taupe mamagreen-swatch-metal-matte-taupe-large.jpg
Anthracite mamagreen-swatch-metal-matte-anthracite-large.jpg


Mamagreen’s synthetic wicker is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is colorfast and extremely resistant to weather damage. This recyclable material is suitable for both cold and tropical environments. Our wicker furniture is hand-woven and the pieces are durable, non-toxic and a breeze to clean with simple liquid soap and water.

Synthetic Wicker Care & Maintenance

Flat Weave Wicker

Our talented design team developed five unique color patterns for the shells of our eye-catching Daisy Mae range of lounge and dining seating. Mix and match these striking woven palettes with the various powder-coating and cushion fabric colors to create a look that is distinctly yours.

Breeze mamagreen-swatch-wicker-flat-breeze-large.jpg
Frost Blue mamagreen-swatch-wicker-flat-frost-blue-large.jpg
Alabaster mamagreen-swatch-wicker-flat-alabaster-large.jpg
Java mamagreen-swatch-wicker-flat-java-large.jpg
Macchiato mamagreen-swatch-wicker-flat-macchiato-large.jpg


Round Weave Wicker

The Mamagreen Design Lab created its round synthetic wicker for dining and bar seating in a number of collections. Available in four classic neutral shades, the open weave allows cooling airflow for seats and backrests.

Snow White mamagreen-swatch-wicker-round-snow-white-large.jpg
Amazon mamagreen-swatch-wicker-round-amazon-large.jpg
Honey mamagreen-swatch-wicker-round-honey-large.jpg
Pepper mamagreen-swatch-wicker-round-pepper-large.jpg


Mamagreen’s braided outdoor rope is made from olefin manufactured by Ateja. The Oeko-Tex® certified synthetic textile is weatherable and possesses anti-mildew capabilities. The color of this olefin rope can weather slightly over time yet remains vibrant. Ideally, you should clean spills and stains immediately with a dry cloth. Cleaning regularly with soapy lukewarm water helps to maintain the appearance of rope furniture.

Barley mamagreen-swatch-rope-barley-large.jpg
Raven mamagreen-swatch-rope-raven-large.jpg
Truffle mamagreen-swatch-rope-truffle-large.jpg
Willow mamagreen-swatch-rope-willow-large.jpg
Coral mamagreen-swatch-rope-coral-large.jpg
Canary mamagreen-swatch-rope-canary-large.jpg
Pearl mamagreen-swatch-rope-pearl-large.jpg
Navy mamagreen-swatch-rope-navy-large.jpg

Keops® Webbing

Mamagreen's webbing is a blend of batyline and natural hemp fiber made by Serge Ferrari. The matte-finished Keops® straps are very comfortable, mold-resistant with high tensile strength - perfect for outdoor webbing. Clean with a PH-neutral fabric detergent.

Cocoa mamagreen-swatch-webbing-keops-cocoa-large.jpg
Dune mamagreen-swatch-webbing-keops-dune-large.jpg
Heron White mamagreen-swatch-webbing-keops-heron-white-large.jpg


Mamagreen's upholstery provides durable and eye-catching covering for many of our seating collections. The tailored synthetic textiles are weather-resistant and come in numerous bold colors, striking patterns and chic neutral tones.


Twitchell corporation produces the Textilene used by Mamagreen for both upholstered and sling furniture. This versatile synthetic fabric is made of polyester with a rigid PVC-coating. It's high tensile strength, tear-resistance and longevity make it suitable for any outdoor environment. Textilene is easy to clean with liquid soap, water and a soft scrub brush or cloth. We offer three Navaho-inspired striped patterns, two classic pinstriped patterns and an elegant black with gold accents that is heavier than the other options. Striped yarn colors may fade slightly over extended periods of time but it will not negatively affect the quality of the synthetic textile.

Textilene Care & Maintenance

Green Barcode mamagreen-swatch-textilene-green-barcode-large.jpg
Red Barcode mamagreen-swatch-textilene-red-barcode-large.jpg
Orange Barcode mamagreen-swatch-textilene-orange-barcode-large.jpg
Pinstripe Sand mamagreen-swatch-textilene-pinstripe-sand-large.jpg
Pinstripe Mocca mamagreen-swatch-textilene-pinstripe-mocca-large.jpg
Royal Black mamagreen-swatch-textilene-royal-black-large.jpg



Similar to Textilene, Leisuretex is a PVC-coated polyester but it also includes polyolefin, which increases the tensile strength and abrasion resistance of the mesh fabric. This high durability, along with a tight weave and water-repellent backing, make Leisuretex a great choice for heavy-duty upholstered seating and outdoor lounge frames. These all-weather characteristics ensure that furniture upholstered with this robust textile will last for years, although minor deterioration of the color may occur over time. Clean Leisuretex with a soft scrubber and a mix of soapy water.

White mamagreen-swatch-leisuretex-white-large.jpg
Black mamagreen-swatch-leisuretex-black-large.jpg
Grey mamagreen-swatch-leisuretex-grey-large.jpg


Batyline® Lounge

Designed and manufactured by Serge Ferrari, Batyline Lounge is a premium outdoor upholstery textile. Its closely woven mesh has extreme tear strength, UV resistance and is fire retardant. The durable synthetic fabric is comfortable and cleans with PH neutral textile detergents.

Batyline cleaning video

White mamagreen-swatch-batyline-lounge-white-large.jpg
Black mamagreen-swatch-batyline-lounge-black-large.jpg



Serge Ferrari's Stamskin is a soft artificial leather that brings the elegant look and feel of luxury upholstered indoor furniture outdoors. Durable and versatile, this water-repellant marine-grade faux leather is treated to combat fungal growth and UV damage. Regular cleaning with a PH neutral fabric detergent will extend the life of this outdoor material.

Stamskin Care & Maintenance

Stamskin cleaning video

Bison mamagreen-swatch-stamskin-bison-large.jpg
White mamagreen-swatch-stamskin-white-large.jpg
Black mamagreen-swatch-stamskin-black-large.jpg
Grey Taupe mamagreen-swatch-stamskin-grey-taupe-large.jpg
Purple mamagreen-swatch-stamskin-purple-large.jpg
Orange mamagreen-swatch-stamskin-orange-large.jpg
Lime mamagreen-swatch-stamskin-lime-large.jpg


Mamagreen's sling seating uses premium outdoor textiles from Serge Ferrari and Twitchell. These long-lasting flexible mesh fabrics provide form-fitting support and dry quickly.

Batyline® Sling

Serge Ferrari's durable Batyline Sling fabric is an extremely tear and UV-resistant mesh textile with high tensile strength. It comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors and neutral shades to coordinate with outdoor palettes. The unique Canatex Hemp version combines hemp with synthetic fibers to produce a comfortable material with a chic matte finish. PH neutral textile detergents can be used to clean this sag-resistant outdoor fabric.

Batyline Sling Care & Maintenance

White mamagreen-swatch-batyline-white-large.jpg
Grey mamagreen-swatch-batyline-grey-large.jpg
Light Taupe mamagreen-swatch-batyline-light-taupe-large.jpg
Dark Taupe mamagreen-swatch-batyline-dark-taupe-large.jpg
Black mamagreen-swatch-batyline-black-large.jpg
Sassy Green mamagreen-swatch-batyline-sassy-green-large.jpg
Purple mamagreen-swatch-batyline-purple-large.jpg
Lime mamagreen-swatch-batyline-lime-large.jpg
Aruba mamagreen-swatch-batyline-aruba-large.jpg
Orange mamagreen-swatch-batyline-orange-large.jpg
Silver mamagreen-swatch-batyline-silver-large.jpg
Hemp mamagreen-swatch-batyline-hemp-large.jpg
Gem Blue mamagreen-swatch-batyline-gem-blue-large.jpg
Gem Taupe mamagreen-swatch-batyline-gem-taupe-large.jpg
Gem Cream mamagreen-swatch-batyline-gem-cream-large.jpg


Textilene® Sling

See upholstery description above.

Green Barcode mamagreen-swatch-textilene-green-barcode-large.jpg
Red Barcode mamagreen-swatch-textilene-red-barcode-large.jpg
Orange Barcode mamagreen-swatch-textilene-orange-barcode-large.jpg
Pinstripe Sand mamagreen-swatch-textilene-pinstripe-sand-large.jpg
Pinstripe Mocca mamagreen-swatch-textilene-pinstripe-mocca-large.jpg
Royal Black mamagreen-swatch-textilene-royal-black-large.jpg


Mamagreen's seat and back cushions combine state-of-the-art foam core technology with best-in-class synthetic textiles from Sunbrella®, Serge Ferrari®, Tuvatextil® and Ateja®. The QuickDry foam inserts provide plush comfort and work with the mesh bottom layers to ensure efficient drainage. Covers include water-repellant inner seams and zippers for removal and washing.


Sunbrella's solution-dyed acrylic fabric is the "Gold Standard" in outdoor textiles. Its yarns have a water-repellant coating that reduces water absorbency - perfect for cushions that have to perform in all environments. Sunbrella® synthetic textiles are colorfast, tear-resistant and have great tensile strength.

  • Canvas - Classic cushion cover weight made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers
  • Stripes - These stripes coordinate with the colors in both the Canvas and Specials ranges
  • Specials - Ibiza is a two-tone blend of pink and grey to create a unique purple tone, while the Heritage options use 50% recycled Sunbrella® fabric in this range of soft and textured fabrics
  • Sailcloths - These durable high-density fabrics have a luxurious feel

Sunbrella Care & Maintenance

Black mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-canvas-black-large.jpg
White mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-canvas-white-large.jpg
Taupe mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-canvas-taupe-large.jpg
Coal mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-canvas-coal-large.jpg
Navy Blue mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-canvas-navy-blue-large.jpg
Coral mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-canvas-coral-large.jpg
Mineral Blue mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-canvas-mineral-blue-large.jpg
Teak mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-canvas-teak-large.jpg
Carousel mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-stripes-carousel-large.jpg
Dolce Mango mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-stripes-dolce-mango-large.jpg
Dolce Oasis mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-stripes-dolce-oasis-large.jpg
Heritage Granite mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-specials-heritage-granite-large.jpg
Heritage Denim mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-specials-heritage-denim-large.jpg
Ibiza mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-specials-ibiza-large.jpg
Marble Glacier Ice mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-specials-marble-glacier-ice-large.jpg
Marble Glacier Blue mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-specials-marble-glacier-blue-large.jpg
Mineral Blue Chine mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-specials-mineral-blue-chine-large.jpg
Sailor Sailcloth mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-sailcloths-sailor-large.jpg
Shadow Sailcloth mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-sailcloths-shadow-large.jpg
Seagull Grey Sailcloth mamagreen-swatch-sunbrella-sailcloths-seagull-grey-large.jpg


This solution-dyed acrylic is manufactured by Spanish company Tuvatextil®. Agora textiles have excellent mildew resistance and anti-stain and oil qualities. Its laminate liner is waterproof while the cushion core is a quick-drying open cell foam from Inoac®. This synthetic fabric is available for Mamagreen's Bondi and Ube collections.

Agora Care & Maintenance

Acqua mamagreen-swatch-agora-acqua-large.jpg
Coco mamagreen-swatch-agora-coco-large.jpg
Grafito mamagreen-swatch-agora-grafito-large.jpg
Coral Dust mamagreen-swatch-agora-coral-dust-large.jpg


Batyline® Elios

Serge Ferrari's Batyline® Elios fabric range is a patented woven blend of high-performance Batyline with a textured yarn. This premium outdoor synthetic is uniquely soft and highly resistant to abrasion, UV rays and mold. It has a timeless graphic look and is easy-to-clean with common household products.

Batyline Elios Care & Maintenance

Nightshade mamagreen-swatch-batyline-elios-nightshade-large.jpg
Cobble mamagreen-swatch-batyline-elios-cobble-large.jpg
Oatmeal mamagreen-swatch-batyline-elios-oatmeal-large.jpg



Mamagreen's Olefin seat pad and throw pillow fabric is made by Ateja®. These options are not available for standard cushions.

Olefin Care & Maintenance

Moonrock mamagreen-swatch-olefin-moonrock-large.jpg
Prestige mamagreen-swatch-olefin-prestige-large.jpg
Stone mamagreen-swatch-olefin-stone-large.jpg
Creme mamagreen-swatch-olefin-creme-large.jpg
Taupe mamagreen-swatch-olefin-taupe-large.jpg
Sand mamagreen-swatch-olefin-sand-large.jpg
White mamagreen-swatch-olefin-white-large.jpg
Black mamagreen-swatch-olefin-black-large.jpg
Marine mamagreen-swatch-olefin-marine-large.jpg
Midnight Blue mamagreen-swatch-olefin-midnight-blue-large.jpg
Deep Sea mamagreen-swatch-olefin-deep-sea-large.jpg
Pear mamagreen-swatch-olefin-pear-large.jpg
Olive mamagreen-swatch-olefin-olive-large.jpg
Yellow mamagreen-swatch-olefin-yellow-large.jpg
Tangerine mamagreen-swatch-olefin-tangerine-large.jpg
Marsala mamagreen-swatch-olefin-marsala-large.jpg
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