Sifas Materials

Durable eco-friendly materials

Sifas' in-outdoor furniture collections are designed using modern materials and manufacturing techniques that are environmentally responsible. Our goal is not only to create luxury tables, chairs and sofas that are stylish and last for years, but also to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible.


Electro-Polished Stainless Steel

Sifas Materials - Electro-Polished Steel

Although stainless steel has good resistance to corrosion, small spots of rust may appear over time. The protection from corrosion is due to the spontaneous, but slow development of a fine layer of iron oxide.

Type 304 stainless (inox) steel, 90% recyclable used by Sifas® underwent 2 essential operations in order to avoid oxidation: chemically sandblasted which considerably increases hardness and resistance of the stainless steel surface, thus reducing its exposure to scratches and aggressions; electro-polishing which, through electrolysis, removes carbon and iron particles from the surface in order to increase the adhesion of chromium and nickel.

This produces much better resistance to corrosion, and increases the shine and smoothness of the surface. Sifas® stainless steel finish is guaranteed Weather Resistant.

Lacquered Aluminum

Sifas Materials - Lacquered Aluminum

Stainless chromed aluminum structures, lacquered and baked at (392°F). The epoxy powder coating is uniformly applied (80 micron-layer) by means of an electrostatic spray. In this process, the micro-balls of powder are attracted to the entire surface of the metal, and become perfectly fixed to the aluminum. While in the oven, they melt and harden from the heat, forming an even, and ultra-resistance layer of lacquer.

The lacquered finish by Sifas® is either smooth and shiny, or structured-granite look. The process is tested during production to verify the adhesion of the lacquer on the metal using the cross-cut test, which is a method used in the car industry (ISO standard 2409). They are weather-resistant guaranteed.

Forged Aluminum

Sifas Materials - Forged Aluminum

Exclusive technology combining cast aluminum pieces with aluminum edging for the authentic look of forged aluminum. Pre-treated, with a baked-on matte black finish



Sifas Materials - Glass

Glass tabletops are tempered at high temperatures and lacquered for optimum resistance to the elements. The glass is then washed with acid to produce a matte non-smudge surface that requires little care.


Sifas Materials - Ceramic

Gres Cerame technology provides a matte finish guaranteed for outdoor use that requires little care.


Sifas Materials - Synteak

Used in the Oskar range (for table tops and armrests) Extruded High density polystyrene (HDPS), dope-dyed with stable pigments. It keeps its appearance and touch of teak, but does not stain, is insensitive to water, resists UV (grade 4/5 –ISO Standard 105-A02).

Synteak® can be entirely recycled and helps preserving woods and forests. Sifas® Synteak® is Weather Resistant guaranteed.


Braided Polyester

Sifas Materials - Braided Polyester

Polyester coated with a layer of PVC to repel water. Material wrapped around a rubber core, creating a fast-drying fabric suitable for outdoor use.

Strap Woven Polyester

Sifas Materials - Strap Woven Polyester

40 mm polyester bands coated with PVC for a water-repellent, fast-drying material.

Canvas Woven Polyester

Sifas Materials - Canvas Woven Polyester

Easy-care, fast-drying material ideal for outdoor use. Sifas uses a couple of types of woven polyester:

  • Batyline® Canatex

    Batyline® Canatex, a woven fabric made of polyester fibers (core) with a composite sheath partly made of hemp thread grown using sustainable farming techniques. Even though it is made of two different materials, Batyline® Canatex is entirely recyclable thanks to the manufacturer's Texyloop® process. The product is flexible, light, quick-drying, anti-fungal, UV-resistant, fire-resistant and comes in a wide range of colors.

  • Textylene®

    Textylene® woven PVC coated polyester fabric, leads the industry in a variety of markets. Best known as the pre-eminent casual furniture fabric, Textylene® can be found on chairs, cushions, and umbrellas worldwide. Unrivaled for strength and beauty, Textylene® is made of PVC coated woven polyester non-stretch yarn.


Synthetic Leather

Sifas Materials - Synthetic Leather

Polyurethane on a fabric base. Marine-grade imitation leather for outdoor use.


Sifas Materials - Fabrics

All our cushions come in easy-care Sunbrella® 100% acrylic fabrics that resist UV, water, stains, and mould. For questions on how to care for the materials, see: Clean Sunbrella® Upholstery.

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