Fire Tables

Fire Tables

Versatile indoor & outdoor fire pit tables

EcoSmart Fire’s simply elegant collection of firepit tables are more than just portable heat sources – they’re friendly destinations around which to socialize with family and friends. Their streamlined designs feature proprietary Fluid™ concrete technology that makes them weather-resistant and lightweight. Each fire table has the capability to utilize multiple fuel types, which gives you flexibility based on your preference, environment or budget.

Multiple fuel options

EcoSmart Fire tables enable you to generate a warming flame with one of three fuel sources.

Bio ethanol – clean burning & eco-friendly
Choose ethanol and all you have to do is fill the burner with liquid e-NRG bioethanol – that’s it!
Propane – familiar hook-up
If you’re more comfortable with familiar propane, simply connect a tank and hide it beneath a chic cubic side table that doubles as a stool.
Natural gas – low cost choice
For those who want to minimize fuel expenses, natural gas is your best bet. It will require a more complicated installation with a gas line, but you won’t have to worry about the burn time.

Key features of freestanding firepit tables from EcoSmart Fire

These remarkable backyard fire pits have innovative modern designs which set them apart from the competition.

  • Stylish minimalist look – they can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings
  • Triple fuel advantage – fire tables have the potential to use ethanol, propane or natural gas
  • Multifunctional – broad surface areas can be used to set drinks and other items
  • Portable & protected – Fluid™ concrete technology makes fire tables lightweight and resistant to weather damage
  • Easy to use – ethanol version has no cumbersome connections, can be placed anywhere and the burners are dishwasher-safe

Various fire tables from which to choose

EcoSmart Fire’s freestanding fire pit tables create a welcoming setting with a warming flame and handy tabletop.

Martini rectangular fire tables

This simply chic firepit table has a spartan rectangular shape with ample surface space for snacks and beverages. The burner sits in a circular recess in the middle and there’s an optional clear glass fire screen available. The Martini table comes in natural, bone or graphite colors.

Pod fire pit tables

This inviting round fire table has clean lines and presents a more substantial profile than traditional bowl-style fire pits. The broad rim is wide enough to accommodate drinks and small knick-knacks as you warm yourself around the fire. The Pod fire table is available in two sizes with an optional glass fire screen. Its body comes in three classic neutral tones: graphite, bone and natural.

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