Patio and garden benches - simple, but stylish outdoor seating

Adding an outdoor bench or two provides a casual place to sit and enhances the natural beauty of your garden or deck area. Place them against a wall, in front of a large tree or along an ambling pathway - benches look great almost anywhere. While people love the simplicity of patio benches, there are a few structural options to consider. If you expect people to sit in them for long periods of time, you may want to look at benches with optional cushions, which have a more contoured seating area that tends to provide a higher level of comfort. Similarly, full-backs and armrests give greater support than basic flat benches, which are fine if someone is looking for a brief respite from walking or a spot to eat a light meal. Most benches have fairly elementary slatted seat designs, regardless of style. You might find some ornate carvings or scrolling on some French wrought iron versions or massive gothic ones, but most error on the side of simplicity. Decor Outdoor carries a limited line of patio benches, which favor traditional Scandinavian and European designs and materials, or minimalist contemporary ones. These attractive seats add a subtle accent of style, without overpowering the natural surroundings or architectural splendor of your outdoor space.

Luxury outdoor benches are eco-friendly and built to stand the test of time

Our metallic and wooden outdoor benches are made from environmentally responsible woods and metals. Most of the wooden legs and tops use FSC™ certified teak or recycled teak. Its oil-rich honey woodgrain finish patinates over time into a chic silver-grey, unless treated with oil on a regular basis. Some benches use other durable hardwoods such as sapelli and Western red cedar, which has many of the strength characteristics of mahogany. These woods have rough, brushed, or smooth surfaces with a natural wood grain appearance or an iconic glossy white painted finish. The frames of our predominantly metal outdoor benches are fashioned from powder-coated aluminum, steel or 100% recyclable stainless steel. These metals balance strength, weight, corrosion protection and durability to ensure that your garden bench can survive the elements. A few of the seats incorporate other weather-resistant synthetic plastics or high-pressure laminates (HPL), which provide great support and resist scratches. Comfortable cushions are filled with quick-drying foam and wrapped in olefin or fade-resistant acrylic textiles from Sunbrella® and other premium outdoor brands.

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