Fire Pits

Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits you can use indoors

EcoSmart Fire’s line of eco-friendly fire pits provides you with commercial grade performance and high-end modern design. These chic freestanding fireplaces give you versatility, whether you’re entertaining in your living room or outside on your patio. Unlike most portable fire pits, EcoSmart Fire’s collection of firepits burns clean bioethanol. This allows you to move fire bowls and other fire furniture inside without fear of smoke or strong smells.

Warming flame wherever you need it

Most fireplaces are limited in where they can go. Wood burning fireplaces create a lot of smoke and need a chimney to ventilate the room. EcoSmart Fire's collection of ethanol fire pits don't need any additional ventilation systems, so they can go anywhere you want the heat or welcome ambiance of an open flame. Set one next to a lounge chair to keep things cozy while you read, or place a couple in your permanent brick fireplace to add a unique touch. These freestanding fire pits are lightweight, so you can easily move them about.

Benefits of fire pits from EcoSmart Fire

  • Portable – These stylish pieces of fire furniture are lightweight, so you can easily move them from room to room
  • Flexible – Relocate these ethanol firepits outside or inside, depending on your event, time of day or mood
  • Smokeless & low-odor – Bioethanol is clean burning, so there’s no need for costly ventilation systems to clear the area of smoke or harmful emissions
  • Quick & easy – Since you don’t need complicated installation construction, just unpack these fire pits, set in the burner and place them wherever you want

Variety of firepit shapes, sizes & colors

EcoSmart Fire’s stylish ethanol fire pits create a cozy environment with an enticing flame.

Mix fire bowls

EcoSmart Fire’s collection of Mix fire bowls has a classic minimalist design that incorporates Fluid™ concrete technology. This proprietary material is lightweight and weather-resistant, giving Mix fire pits a clear advantage over standard concrete bowls. There are two sizes which are available in natural, bone and graphite colors.

Stix campfires

This eye-catching fire pit has a unique look that resembles a traditional campfire. Stix is designed by renowned designer Hiroshi Tsunoda, who applied his signature geometric style to create a sleek modern firepit for EcoSmart Fire. The chic metal fire pit comes in stainless steel and black.

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