Outdoor Bar Stools

Outdoor Bar Stools

Deck and poolside stools - great casual outdoor seating

Entertaining family and friends outdoors is usually a pretty casual affair, especially if it's a spur of the moment thing. Whether it's a spontaneous weekend pool party on a warm day or a mandatory wine and cheese get-together after work on Friday, outdoor bar stools are a convenient seating option. You don't have to have an elaborate outdoor bar to take advantage of the benefits of patio barstools (although they are worth the investment). There are plenty of bar and bistro tables of all sizes, which can accommodate bar height or counter height bar chairs, so you can mix and match them to create your own personal outdoor bar set. Or, for the more industrious, mount a narrow counter on one of your outside walls and line a few stools underneath.

Outdoor barstools have a surprising number of features

Despite their perceived simplicity, stools are available with a wide variety of features. So which patio bar stool is right for you? It really depends on your own preferences, space and occasion requirements.

Storage helps maximize the room in your outside entertaining space

If your deck or patio doesn't have a lot of space, you might prioritize storage capabilities. Some stools are stackable, some fold up and others can tuck conveniently under tabletops or bars, as long as you match heights appropriately. Some can even double as handy side tables, so you can save even more space!

Put the emphasis on comfortable seating

If you anticipate sitting for long periods of time, while you watch the kids or enjoy the scenic vista, a little extra comfort and convenience may be more important. The main consideration here is the seat. Unpadded wooden or metal seats can become uncomfortable after a while, especially if you can't lean back to redistribute the weight. Tie-on cushions are a great solution or you can opt for an upholstered stool or one with a fabric sling. The latter molds to the contours of each person and allows free airflow. Barstools also come with or without backs and armrests, so you'll have to gauge which combination works best for you and your guests. Many deck stools have built-in footrests and others swivel, so you can easily adjust your position if you get stiff or antsy.

Invest in high quality materials

Decor Outdoor only carries outdoor barstools from manufacturers who build things that last. Cutting corners on materials might lower the price in the short run, but it will cost a lot more over time. Who wants to replace patio furniture every couple of years or cringe when guests come over and see faded colors, rusted frames or patched damage? Our outdoor stools typically have strong metal frames made from 100% recyclable stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum, which enables you to add some color while protecting the frame from corrosion and other weather damage. Most of the wooden bar stools are made from eco-friendly FSC™ certified teak. This oil-rich hardwood has a gorgeous honey brown woodgrain appearance, which patinates into a chic silver-grey look over time unless oiled regularly. Teak is very strong and is resistant to mold, rot and doesn't crack easily when exposed to dramatic temperature shifts. The slings, webbing and upholstery of our luxury bar stools are made from premium synthetic fabrics like Batyline, Textilene, acrylic and all-weather resin wicker. These durable and fade-resistant textiles are manufactured by some of the most recognized brands in the outdoor furniture industry - Sunbrella®, Twitchell® and Ferarri® to name a few. You get what you pay for, but you'll be glad you did.

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